Friday, 29 August 2008


THE BEATLES swap from Judy, isn't it great? I just love this. [Pizzazz group]

This is the AUGUST MINGLE from Kathy L, just makes me smile every time I look at it. [Fabricards group]

'A' is for ALBUQUERQUE and Hot AIR Balloon, card from Nelda, its great, particularly because it arrived just as we were having our own Balloon Festival here in Northampton. [Stitchstampandsend group]

THREADS OF FRIENDSHIP card from Sue B, who actually signs herself Sue /ca great fun this card, thanks Sue... [Pizzazz]
Hi Sue, you most definitely are 'in print' even if it is only on my old Blog.

THREADS OF FRIENDSHIP also from Joan L, just look at all that couching, wow Joan! [Pizzazz]

THREADS OF FRIENDSHIP again, this time from KR, we had similar ideas KR! [Pizzazz] we even used the same fabric, how spooky was that!!

GREEN RAINBOW QTC from KR, these are real little gems, I am hoping to get the complete Rainbow. [Pizzazz]

BLUE RAINBOW QTC from Barbara, out of this world!!!! Great stuff. [Pizzazz]

YELLOW QTC from Rebecca W, she combined her love of her garden with the colour. [Fabricards]

GREEN RAINBOW QTC from Joannie H, just love those little fishes.....[Pizzazz]

A very elegant YELLOW QTC from Judi K, just beautiful. [Fabricards]

and last but not least BLUE RAINBOW QTC from KR, embellished with gold threads. [Pizzazz] Wonderful.

Once again I have been lucky to receive such wonderful cards, I hope they will all like the ones I send in return. Thank you all again ladies. I am now up to date with all the pictures of the cards I have received so far from all the groups I am in. Phew!

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