Friday, 29 August 2008


This week I received two different gifts from two different people.
How lucky am I?
The first one I received came from Allison, she is the 'list mom' of the PIZZAZZ group I am in. It is a very handy carrying pouch and inside there are fabrics and ribbons and stickers. Thank you Allison, this is just great.

The second gift was out of the blue completely. It was an envelope packed with pieces of lilac and mauve fabrics. Just look at them, aren't they gorgeous. Thank you so much Ani. At first I emailed her because I thought I had received them in error, but, she said, as she was sending some to Kath, she thought she may as well send some to me as well. How kind is that. WOW.

I truly count myself as very lucky indeed. Not only do I recieve wonderful cards I get gifts as well. I must start to send out little surprise gifts myself as I know how it feels to receive one.

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