Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I went to the NEC Quilt Festival on Saturday.


Fabulous Quilts.

Particularly the Children's Quilts.

They are our future and what a future for Quilting they have. Amazing work, absolutely amazing, the age was from 5 - 14 and some of the 7-9 year old's were truly wonderful. I take my hat off to these girls and boys. They are the Quilters of tomorrow, doing it TODAY. Brilliant.

I took lots of photos and am umming and ahhing about whether or not I should put them here on my Blog. I wonder if because I was allowed to take pictures at the show, would I be allowed to place them here? What do you think?

All the looking up at the Quilts, some of them were quite high up, did no good whatsoever to my poor neck. I was in complete agony with it on Sunday for the whole day. I could hardly lift my head up. Yesterday, Monday, it was a tiny bit improved, today Tuesday, a little more. It seems it is going to take a long time to improve. My head felt like a ton weight on my neck. My neck feels raw from the movements I made it do on Saturday. The pain is pretty bad. I am able to move it a little more each day, I have been sitting with one of those heated wheat bags round my neck for hours at a time. Occasionally there is an almighty 'click' and it frees up a little more with every click. BUT, those clicks really hurt. Ohhhh OUCH!

At the show I met up for a short while with Susan P from Pizzazz group. What a lovely young girl she is. I have a lovely photo of the two of us, taken by my Suzanne, I must ask her permission to put it on here. Thank you Susan for giving me your time and explaining all about the Liver Birds to me. It was very interesting.
Also she had brought me a gift, a Journal she had made, I haven't scanned it into the computer yet, a job for me to do tomorrow. It is exquisite, I love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and all I gave her was a measly old postcard!! Oh dear!! Sorry Susan.


Noel said...

Jan, it's always nice when you get a chance to meet the people from an online group. Very nice journal she gave you and I'm sure your postcard was lovely too!


jan said...

Hi Noel, lomg time no hear!! The journal is truly beautiful, my postcard was NOT a fair exchange for her.