Friday, 29 August 2008


This card above, is for Susan, who has been very kind and keeping me cheerie whilst I've not felt 100%.

These are the Blue QTC's for the RAINBOW QTC swap I started but handed over to Allison when I became overwhelmed by it all. I chopped up lots of blue fabrics and covered the QTC then made some inchies to decorate it. I then found some blue fuzzy wool and sewed round the edges. They are BLUE.

And these are the PINK ones for the same RAINBOW swap. I pulled apart some silk flowers that were white, painted them with a felt tip, placed them on some pink voile's and stitched the centres down, then decided to give them a ribbon and some heart beads that were pink. Just because......

Now these cards are for the BEATLES swap. I dithered over the choice of song for these but finally settled on SHE LOVES YOU. I again pulled apart a white daisy - see the pink cards above!! - but left one petal on the flower, so as you pull off you go, she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, etc, etc, and it works out to SHE LOVES YOU...YEAH YEAH YEAH. I then did the edges in red and white thread to depict LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, that was fun doing that, I didn't use a two colour thread, I used two different spools and interchanged R -W -R -W -R -W round the edges, after first marking the edge with a pencil every inch very roughly. After finishing the card I remembered I had the little guitar charms so pierced a hole and fixed them on. Great fun.

This one is the mystery card made with MY choice of stuff sent to Kath. I pulled apart the silver fabric I sent and used all the silver threads underneath the netting, I posted some of the buttons there too. Then I quilted a half feather, stitched on the silver braid and butterfly. Done. Hope Kath likes it and can work out what I did.

As promised QTC's for Judy as she missed out on some of the early ones. These are different to everyone else's I hope she wont mind.

Happy FIRST Birthday to Postcard Pizzazz group. These cards are to celebrate the first year of post carding for this group. I cut rows and rows of fuzzy wool and placed under some net, I then free machined the writing on top, made a mini postcard and stitched it on. Just because...

A is for...well ANGEL of course. I really only needed one card for the swap I was in, but got carried away with these Angels. I enjoyed doing them.

More RAINBOW QTC's, this time Mauve or Lilac, whichever you wish to call it. One of my favourite colours anyway. This is a skeleton leaf which is trapping some sequins, then I close zigzagged round the edge of the leaf. Basically a quick and easy card.

A Dragonfly card. OK I know I've made lots of them, but hey, I like making them. This one is for Micki in Ireland I do hope she likes it.

OMG a very late AUGUST Mingle card for Leah. I decided to use the skeleton leaves again in Autumnal colours. I used mono filament thread to catch them down then free machine quilted the background. I like this card very much, I hope Leah feels the same when she gets it.

A card for the RED HAT ladies. Made just for fun, not a swap. We were asked if we would like to take part in making a card using the red hats, so of course I had to have a go didn't I!

These cards took me for ever to make but I am pleased with the way they turned out...I think.
They are for THREADS OF FRIENDSHIP swap, the brief was to make a card using gold threads as links to friends. I thought of the WWW as you can see if you click on the first picture.

This is the card folded for the post..I have wondered since I made them if they are going to be classed as postcards because of the way they open!! I sent KR hers first, as she was the Hostess, and she was pleased with it, so I guess it must be OK.
And here it is opened up. The ladies I actually swapped with have an inchie with their name on, dangling by golden ribbon from the map of the world. All the other ladies who were in the swap, have their names sewn round the world amongst the free machining, so linking us altogether. I hope!!

Well, well, oh deary me indeed! Having not felt 100% just lately, AND being away house sitting, I had completely forgotten all about these cards. I found them in my sewing room on my return. They were all sitting there in their envelopes too. Oh well, better late than never as the saying goes. Posted my apologies to the ladies on all the groups.

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