Tuesday, 3 February 2009


In case you wondered!!!! I haven't been feeling too good of late, I managed to contract a nasty bug from something I ate....nasty bug.......then I did something, I know not what, to my left knee. I have been in absolute agony with it, it locked into a straight position, I could not bend it for love nor money, the pain was....you really don't want to know.....anyway, that is all behind me now, the bug has gone to some other poor soul and the knee has sorted itself out, hooray. So I am back.

Gosh I have lots to catch up on. I have sorted lots of photos out my GD found in a box, they are of all old stuff I have made, quilts, cushions, bags, all sorts of things, was quite funny looking at them really, I must have made enough cushions in the past to go round the world and then some. hahahaha. Anyway, I have chopped up the photos to make a kind of collage with them, as I don't really want to take up too much room on here with old stuff, it is just interesting to see the sort of stuff I USED to do. Groan! You can flick past this post, well, when I do it you can. I don't mind.

What was nice, was amongst all the photos, were pictures of the quilt I had made for my mum's 80th birthday, plus her letter to me to thank me for it. That will also go on here eventually.

I have been stitching away like crazy, got all the borders on my Singing Garden Quilt so it is ready to be quilted. I have caught up with all the Postcard swaps I am in, but due to the dodgy knee I haven't been out to the PO to post any of them, in fact I haven't been out much of late cos it SNOWED. Hmmmm, we had quite a lot, obviously not as much as London, but enough to scare me into staying in. I have a fear of falling over as I know I wouldn't be able to get up, and would probably be left laying on the ground. Also I worry about what damage I would do to my knees if I did fall. Daft I know, but it is a worry of mine. So, due to the snow, I stayed in.

I have others to post on here but as the theme was a secret, they will have to wait a while yet.

And these little beauties, I luckily, received.....

Just brilliant aren't they.
Thank you to everyone.

I haven't forgotten either I was going to do a Giveaway for my 500th post. News on that soon.


This is ABBIE, my friend Tessa's dog wishing you all a belated Happy Christmas,
well, she makes me smile!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Jan for adding you name to my giveaway,

That bug sounds nasty, glad your feeling better now,
Try to rest your knee,
Take care

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan,
Glad you're feeling better - we really missed you and your cheerful banter!
I love your embroidered postcards - they must have taken an age to make. I think I would have gone quite cross-eyed.
Take great care, Love Ros x

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well but glad you are better. Love all those little postcards. I especially like the ginko leaves and irises. We don't have snow but lots of cold weather. BTW how is your neck?

jan said...

Hi Tracey,
thank you for your good wishes, I am fine now. :-)

Hi Ros,
I cant tell you how long they took, but oh I did enjoy making the Iris one. It has gone now though to its new owner, hope she likes it. :-!

Hi Phyllis,
the gingkos are my favourites to make I have to admit it. The neck, hmm, it doesn't appear to be improving, think this tens machine is a waste of time. And I can't get into the doc's about the pain patches. What a drag it all is.
Janet :-) Hohum Life goes on. Lots of folk worse off than me.