Friday, 27 February 2009


Hmmm! In the Popular Patchwork magazine, they are running a Journal challenge. They set the challenge of what to use, and we, poor fools!!!! have to do it. I decided I would have a go at this as I have wanted to do a year of Journals since Di bought me the fabulous Journal book.
So, January was to use Bondaweb. No problem.
February was to use Lutradur!!!!!!
March is to do Mono Printing.
Rang my friend Di who put me straight on all of these things.
I bought the Lutradur....and looked at it.
I read and read again about the Mono printing lark. Not getting into my head at all.
I went out though and bought all the gubbins I thought I would need for it...from the jolly old £ shop. (Hooray for that). Had a go at the painting on the Lutradur and the Mono printing... These are my results.
I will say it.
What a blooming 'orrible mess!

Acrylic paint on fabric using bubble wrap

Water colour paints on fabric - yuk!
Cant remember what paints I used, but its on Lutradur - Hm mm!
[when it dried there was glitter all over it!!!]
I actually quite like this!!!

More paint, more Lutradur...???
[no glitter]
Mess 3

Well, I had a go.
I discovered what I did wrong on the day of my group.
I watered down the paint AND I wet the fabric too much apparently.
No wonder it looks like mud....
I will have another go,
another day.


Di said...

Jan, these fabrics are great. Particularly liked the acrylic ones. Just think of them as a base for something else. Use them in conjuction with other fabrics. The Lutradur ones are good as well and the bubble wrap ones I can see FMEd in silver and other shiny threads!!! Fireworks????

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan, The painting is great! Well done. I'm struggling with February and March Journals too so you're not alone. I used my Lutrador in my science postcard in the end. I'm not really a messy-paint sort of person which is probably the root of the problem. I'm also very practical so find it hard to do the abstract approach. Nature is a good inspiration. Good luck, Ros

jan said...

Hi Di, hey thanks for those ideas, will give it a go. Not going to throw them away, have to say they look pretty good on here, but in the flesh so to speak they are truly...YUK!

I am with you on that Ros, I think it was the messy part that put me off. I do like things organised, can you tell? hahahaha Oh we will get through it all I guess. Better late than never. I too cant do abstract, Di is the one for that, she just goes, whish whosh and it looks great, for me it would be, splat, and well, here are the results. ho ho ho