Friday, 27 February 2009


On the Popular Patchwork Forum, we had a Batik swap way way back.....I have just got round to starting mine, Everyone else has either finished or very nearly finished theirs. Sod's law with me, something else kept cropping up. BUT, today I have made a start. WooHoo....

These 3 pictures are just to show you the difference that a background will make to your fabric. I know which one I am going to use, not saying for now though.

Amazing isn't it?

The fabric we received were 12"squares, first I chopped them into strips...

Then, as almost every bloke I know will tell you, I did a really silly thing....
I started to stitch the strips back together again!!!!!!

This is as far as I got this evening. Had to stop, hubby on early start, so had to pack away. Bother!

Today it was so cold, I didn't know how to get my hands warm, I could have cried with the pain in my right hand, due to it being so cold. When Annette came this afternoon I had my gloves on AND my lovely wrist warmers from Maggie. They made it much more comfortable. Unable to sew this afternoon, which put me behind my planned schedule. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!! They say!!!

We, Suzanne, Hubby and myself have re-started our Weight loss [!!!!] programme.
Oh dear, am I really that BIG? :-(((


Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan, I like all three background fabrics as they're wonderful each in their own way. The black is stunning but quite harsh so maybe one of the others? You do like suspense!!! I didn't use a background at all, just a few extra scraps of colours to give a balance and then a blue/green border. And its not finished! I wonder what those strips are going to be? More suspense . . .

Reflections of life and art said...

Your scraps look yummy...can't wait to see what your do with them.
Jan, I can relate to the pain in the hands....I have the same problem and some days I just never get warm....and the joints just don't want to move....those days I just do nothing!!Hope you feel better soon!!!

jan said...

Hi Ros, I agree the black was way to harsh for these this time. Unusually so, as Black is normally good with everything.....hmmm!!
Get yours finished I am longing to see it.

Hello there Noel, Oh take no notice of me, I have to have a little grumble accasionally, just to make sure peeps know I am still here. But honestly they did hurt when they were cold. Brrrr, then today, [saturday] it is fairly warm'ish'. No need for gloves today, crazy weather!!!! lol Jan