Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Or words to that effect!!

I have just spent all afternoon getting my post ready for the post office, I didn't realise the time, or that I had so much ready. PO will be shut now. Oh well, it is all ready for tomorrow morning. Annoyed though. Just look at this little lot.........



Di said...

My godness Jan, the Post Office will be pleased to see you - will help fill the black hole in their pension fund!!!!!


PS curli seems to have come round a bit now - he's trying to pull his lampshade off and trying to head butt the door!

Rosa-Munda said...

Oh my goodness Jan, you have been busy! Now if only I could be that organised! Ros

jan said...

Hi Di, Hope Curly gets over his op soon. Yep been a bit busy.

Hi Ros, two things for you amongst that lot!!! One you know, one you don't!! :-)

Susan said...

Je wiz Jan that is quite a lot of mail you hae to pop in the post lol. You have been busy.

jan said...

Hi Susan, yep it has been slowly building up to this pile. :-)

Maggie R said...

Oh My Goodness Jan,
What a pile to mail... You surely have been busy... But good to know you are keeping the postal service in business!! hee hee


jan said...

Hi Maggie,
Must try not to leave it so it gets so much next time. lol jan