Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Hip Hip Hooray!!! I think!!! I have at last started to receive some post. Yesterday I got some bits and pieces I had ordered from EBay, and some vilene from Tessa, and a Postcard from America--thank you Lori---.

Today, another Postcard from America----thank you Leah ---- and a Bill!!! Doh!! The post came at 3pm. Not quite the latest post we have ever had, but pretty near. Never mind, post is post whatever time it arrives. I am just pleased to see it re-appear. There still must be a whole batch of stuff for me at the depot.


Now, it seems I may, just may, be having some problems with my emails. I'm not sure about this, but I have sent several to my friends in America, Elaine, Noel and Judy, and to my little friend Susan, here in Liverpool. Whether they are getting these emails, I don't know for sure. I am using the addy's I have always used. SO. I had the idea that if I posted on here, someone may see the message and know the said people and can get a message to them to let them know I am still here, and missing them all. I have to tell you I am concerned about my friend Noel. She is not one to ignore people. I have a parcel here awaiting posting to her I dare not send it in case she has moved or something!! So am a bit worried about her, I do hope all is well. Also my friend Elaine, my heart goes out to her, if you know these girls, do let them know of my concerns please. Many thanks.

The awesome power of the Internet.... I have heard from both Elaine and Noel on Thursday, I am so pleased.

Of course, it could be that their computers are down or something simple like that. But, all four??? I only hope they are all well. I shall have to search out their snail mail addy's and go back to the old fashioned way of doing things.


Give Away ends on Saturday
Please feel free to enter even if you entered and won before
it's all the luck of the Random draw anyway.
It is a few posts back now.

I am really pleased with myself, today I cut out and cobbled up two separate backings for two UFOs I am trying to get done. The tops are both pressed and ready to be tacked up. In fact, this evening I did manage to tack one of them up, it is a Pine Burr Quilt, I am in agony with my legs because of this, as it does no good at all standing in one position for any length of time, my knees lock up and give me grief, but not to worry, you have to do these things don't you! I am really looking forward to quilting this one, I don't know why as I have no idea how I shall do it yet. I am not allowing myself to do any vermicelli quilting on it, you know the squiggle line style, I did a different fill-in quilting stitch on a small quilt I finished recently, it turned out rather well {I thought} so I may just do that again. Even hubby was impressed with it!!!! GOSH!

Paper Foundation Pieced Village - ZAPPED UFO #1

...and here is it's label

Hearts in Stars - ZAPPED UFO #2

...and here is it's label

You may smile!!
it is my quest to see that all Quilts have a label,
the ladies at my group all groan when we have our
as I always say -
"and where, is its label?"
they go.
it is important for that Quilt to have its label sewn on the back,
or where ever you wish, on the front, or in the quilting,
so future generations know who made it, and, what it is about if you so wish.

End of lecture.



Africana said...

Love the one with the houses and trees!!

jan said...

HI there,
thank you for visiting, yes that did turn out quite good, I hadnt done this method before, time consuming but very accurate. Janet :-)