Thursday, 19 February 2009


Well today, I had my hospital appointment, I thought it was Friday but hubby assured me it was today. Don't you just hate it when they are right!!!!

Anyway, I went and they agreed with me the TENS machine sadly hadn't done anything for me whatsoever. The next option for me was an injection. Mmmmm I don't mind them as long as I don't see the needle, BUT I wouldn't be able to have this done as you have to lay flat on your front and be still for 15 minutes. Ummm not with my knees. I cant 'lock' my legs straight anymore, they are always at a slight bend, If I did lock them I dread to think how I would bend them again, also I cannot put any pressure on them.
What an old moany Minnie I do sound. Sorry. But that is the way it is.

The nurse suggested Acupuncture. Wahey. Brilliant. I am all for that. I have every faith in it. So the situation is this, I start a 6 week course in March, I will have 12 needles per session in my hands, arms, neck, and back. Doesn't hurt, had it before. Only when they twist them! Then, ohhhh ouch!!! Hopefully it will do something. If not, it will be the injection for sure. Somehow!!!

I know there are lots of people out there who are far worse off than me, but I hate not being able to move by head. If you look straight ahead, then look up, or to the right or left, lucky lucky you, I cant do any of that, my head is fixed in the one position, so if I am talking to anyone I have to be face to face, I cant just slightly turn my head I have to move my whole body. Any slight movement causes terrible pain in my neck, so I hope you understand my grumbles.

****** ****** ****** ******
On a cheerier note...
Here are more pictures of Postcards and QTC's

This one I received from Angela on the Popular Patchwork Forum Postcard swap,
the theme was Science...isn't it great. Thank you Angela, I love it.

Here is another - Lets go fly a Kite - Postcard, this one from Ann M,
many thanks to you Ann, I enjoyed these cards...
this is the Fabricards group I am in

These are the 'Lets go fly a Kite' cards I have made
I really enjoyed making these for everyone, I also
made up a little poem for the back...

Still with the Fabricards group, these are ones I made for the
PAW Swap, that's Pick A Word.....
I chose the word;
I have entitled these - 'You cant see the wood for the trees!'
I absolutely love doing trees and leaves of any sort, these are from my imagination!!
They are thread painted, on a background of fabric that I printed out of my
bread board!!
All the same print but some I did darker or lighter than others - for fun!
Hubby likes these!

These are QTC's for the CHARM swap at Fabricards -
I coloured some artificial flowers with felt tips,
Well, Rebecca did...I then stitched them onto a QTC,
attached a charm,

Now, Tessa, my friend on the Popular Patchwork Forum asked me
what QTC's were, {2 1/2" x 3 1/2"}
so I asked her for a theme - she said dogs - ARGH!!!
Then I remembered I had a picture of HER own dog, so I printed it onto fabric,
FME'd it a bit.....

This is the front............................this is the back

It will stand up as I put a little ribbon between like a hinge.
Hope she likes it.
****** ****** ****** ****** ******

Also on the PP Forum, I was asked what I meant when I said I had 'machine tied' a quilt.
Here is what I meant, I put the quilt under the machine and just do a star shape, then move it say 4-5" do another one, all over the quilt, then round the borders. If you click on the BACK picture the quilting star shows up better than the front.

This is the front of the quilt............................this is the back

The back comprises of all odd blocks left over from other quilts, joined together to a
piece big enough for this Christmas Quilt.

ALSO on the PP Forum
Katy has come up with yet another SWAP for us girls.
We have to either buy the squares,
if they are like me and have a stash......
I raided mine and cut the squares which were to be 5"
15 Blue
15 Green
15 Pink
These are the fabrics I have used;
I told Katy I don't mind what colour I get as I like all colours, so look forward to receiving mine as I have no idea what I will get. I love surprises. Others have chosen there favourites.



Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

Is the problem with your neck or shoulder? I've been having physio for tendonitis in my right shoulder for past 4 weeks - caused - says the physio (£30 per half hour!) by too much computer work and hand sewing over the years. Been told to give computer/sewing a rest for 2 weeks after next (4th) session on Monday and if no better to have a steroid injection. Is that what you're having? Bloomin' nuisance I can tell you. Have sympathy.

jan said...

Hi Babs,
It is my neck, I am unable to move it, it has been like this for a few years but has got very painful of late, it is Arthritis the Consultant told me what I have is called Ankylosis. I googled it, wish I hadn't!!!!
Nothing to do with sewing or computer,which is just as well for me really.
Am going to have Acupuncture as was unable to have the injection ---just now. Start the A in March.
It is, as I keep saying...a real pain in the neck!! Not funny but you have to get on with life don't you.
Thanks for your message, good to hear from you again. lol Janet :-)