Saturday, 26 September 2009


Well, I appear to be back, I wonder how long for this time!
Hubby says he is fed up with me moaning all the time...hmmm is that what I am doing then?
Is it my fault I cannot get on with my new machine?
Am I expecting too much of it?
The computer has been fixed...everything, and I mean everything about it is different. I shall have to learn all over again...
I cannot access any of the groups I am in - or was in - all pass words gone, am I cross? Probably!
I have stacks of stuff to put on here - if only I could find it!!!
Update on the sewing machine...I am trying really hard to get on with it, I have, or rather hubby has, bought all the gizmo's recommended by various people to make it easier to free machine. It seems as though I/we cure one thing and then another problem rears its ugly head. So yes, I am still grumbling about the new machine, I desperately want to like it as I have so much to do. I am doing more unpicking than I have ever done in my life. I hate moaning so much, and I know it must be boring for those around me to hear or even see me at the moment with such a long face :-( but I really cannot help it. Quilting is a BIG BIG part of my life, or was, I am I know in a bad mood when things don't go right, and at the moment this machine is just not playing the game. It seems to me if it is supposed to be a Quilters Edition machine, it should by rights do what a quilter wants it to do. When I set it up for free machining - and what a to-do that is - I gaily stitch away, but am constantly waiting for the thread to break, which is its latest game. Or the back is one long continual thread, hence the unpicking lark. People have said to me why don't I take it back, believe me when I say this, it is going to the shop tomorrow, to hopefully find out just what it is that is wrong with the darn thing. I realise now it is too late to return it for my money back, I/we have spent so much on all the bits and pieces for it it is just not viable to return it now. Unless Janome would like to give me my total monies back and I cant see that happening. I do have another idea, it was mentioned somewhere and I cannot remember by whom. I shall write to Marie Osmond about it if I get no satisfaction from the shop. Janome owners will understand why! She is the front NAME for Janome, so hopefully she will listen to my problems and help me!!! Do you think?
If all this is boring for you I apologise, but do you have any idea the misery I am in because of this. All I want to do is Quilt.
Oh, and guess what?
Hubby fixed the Bernina.
In about half and hour or so he had the new motor in, cleaned the machine thoroughly, it looks like new too.
So WHY you are now thinking, am I not using that?
I have no idea folks.
He has put it UNDER my table.
When this Janome goes to the shop, I will be using it no doubt, my girls cannot believe I haven't whacked it up onto the table and been using it. I really do want to, but then again, I have got to crack this Janome haven't I, or it has all been a waste of money. Which I cannot afford to let happen. What would you do?


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Good luck with getting the new machine fixed. I know that it must be very frustrating to have machine problems but especially on a new one.

searchfamilies said...

I would write to Marie as well worst you get no reply best you get something done, i would certainly contact the trading standard people as i am sure that as it not fit for purpose if you get a refund they have to also do it with attachments.
I know when i got a laptop & it didn't work i tooking back & got a refund on that the Norton & the bag i got at the same time full refund so i push for that
Glad your back online missed you
Hugs Janice

Vesuviusmama said...

I would spend some time with your old machine, just to get caught up and de-stressed. I would also write to Marie Osmond - you know, you never know until you try. I would hate to have my name associated with something that was perceived by others as not a quality product. Perhaps she feels the same.

Susan said...

Hi Janet
Sorry to hear you have been having problems with Pc and your still getting use to your new machine. I am sure things will all fall into place soon. I too have had some technical problems with the internet. I still have my blog nothing has changed there but my new e-mail address is Take care Jan love Susan xxx

cookie said...

Hi Jan,

I feel with you. My Computer was broke to. What a mess. But the cost to have it fixed was not worth it. So I got a new one. (B-day presant) But it got Vista and Im used to XP. oh well I will learn to get around.
So nice from youre DH to fix youre Bernina for you. But I still hope they can fix the problem from youre Janome. Good luck.