Friday, 11 September 2009


This is my gorgeous new table which Rebecca assembled for me...

so big, my large cutting mat fits on with room to spare -
if you look closely you will see what hubby has done for me,
he has tilted the machine on a piece of white plastic,
this makes it easy for me to now see the needle,
I couldn't before - neck problems -
this is then stuck onto a piece of perspex
with two wooden handles stuck on it at the front,
enabling me to push the machine away when I am done with it -
hand problems -
neat huh!
the machine isn't stuck only the white plastic to the perspex

foot pedal and no table leg to gnaw at MY leg...

loads of storage space underneath...

tons of stuff hidden out of view -
I am now searching for a nice set of drawers [not that sort]
to put under there to make it neat and tidy
it's the Virgo in me!!!!

You know,
you would think that as it has a new home and a brand new table,
that blooming machine would be a bit more considerate and WORK for me,
darn thing

Look at this fabulous Postcard I have received from my friend
in Austria,

such a clever card Elisabeth, I love it.
Thank you very very much


searchfamilies said...

Now i don't know if i need your DH to come & sort my sewing room out or just need a bigger one lol
I am glad that you got it all sorted may be this will give you what you need to practice so you will master the machine you know you can do it
Nice postcard as well
Hugs Janice

Leah said...

Wow, what a nice table to sew on. I bet it is nice to have your cutting mat next to your machine. I can only dream of that for now. I cut in the dining room and sew in the living room. Maybe one day I will have that luxury. :) Hope your machine will play nice now that it has a nice new home.

cookie said...

you are one lucky Lady. What a nice table and nice Hubby to do those things for you. Now go tell youre machine who is boss.


Reflections of life and art said...

Great work got a good man there sweetie....make sure you give him a big hug and go a get to cookie said, go show your machine who's!
Beautiful FPC btw.....I like that idea.

disa said...
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Maggie R said...

Hi Jan,
Wow! what a great sewing space you have....It will be such a pleasure for you....
Good to see you here