Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Thank you all for your comments on this post, I will write to Marie Osmond, but, when I have calmed down a bit, no use sending her an angry letter, not her fault after all.

Well, the machine didn't make it to the shop, 'H' didn't take it! No comment!

I am persevering with using it, even though I really do not like it one bit. Between bouts of silence, moaning, shouting, moaning, sulking, moaning, anger, moaning, moaning, always moaning, some of the things I have found not to my liking have been corrected.

  • Machine now tilted so I can see the needle as it sews
  • Blue bobbin case purchased to enable it to free machine ** see footnote
  • Second 1/4" foot purchased for me to vandalise it!!
  • Shelves rearranged to enable my small lamp to light up work surface as machine light rubbish - in my opinion it throws a shadow on the work, the B had two lights
  • Pile of scrap fabrics in box near work area to enable quick testing of stitches being used, some sandwiched with wadding, some not
  • Notebook also at hand to write down what I do, as I do it, so to speak, i.e., length of stitch and width of stitch used for certain work, not used to the numbering of these....yet!
  • Manual of machine at right hand, thumbed regularly
  • Good book to read - not the manual - one from the library to take my mind off the darn machine!

** Although 'H' purchased this Blue Bobbin Case for me to be able to do the free machining which I absolutely love doing, also the thread painting, it doesn't seem to want to do it as the 'B' did. I have, after much struggling, managed to get the top to work reasonably well, but the back of the work is not good. The thread either goes tight - which it shouldn't with the BBC, or it makes little dots of thread all over the place, which makes the back look like it has a case of measles. I know it sounds like I am being picky here, but I do like the backs to look near as good as the fronts as I can make them. Just me and my way of doing things.

Oh, a minor point, but the stupid, sorry, the little horseshoe foot you get in the quilters pack you have to buy, specially for the free machining etc, is soooo tiny, you are unable to use it for any zigzag free machining you wish to do, which means you have to change the foot, that in itself is a joy to do. NOT. It is not a simple case of just swapping the foot part, there is minor surgery that has to be done.

OK I'll shut up about the thing.


Is it me or is Blogger having a dig at me now? Since my computer has been fixed, I am finding it quite hard to post these musings on my Blog. The page keeps jumping up and down, sending me boggy eyed at times. The spacing is different, the pictures are a nightmare to load....come on...is it me?


Popular Patchwork girls---

I cannot get on the site, all my passwords have been wiped off this computer since it has been fixed. I have managed to remember some, but that one eludes me. I have lost a lot of the stuff I had saved too, oh joy! It also managed to wipe off all my Quilt programmes I had, 'H' has got most of them reloaded for me, but the EQ6 seems to have disappeared. Oh and just for fun!!!!! all the Quilts I had designed in my Quilt Pro have 'gawn', never to be seen again. Ho hum, what fun! Just remembered, I also had quite a few in my Kaleidoscope programme too, cant face looking tonight. Mind you, maybe I will be able to work out my Dear Jane now it has been reloaded! What do you say!!



searchfamilies said...

Poor old you things just don't seem to be going right for you, here a big cyber hug until i see you next month
Hugs Janice

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, and I thought it was just me that technology hated... Hope things settle down soon.
Re PP Forum, I think you should be able to tell it you've forgotten your password. I'll pm Katy for you but she's not well at the moment, hoping it's not swine flu.


Geta Grama said...

Hi Jan,

I am having fun browsing your blog ! So beautiful the trapunto quilt with apples !
I love Robbie too, I hope some day I will see him live.
Warm regards from Romania,