Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I have just discovered I am unable to answer any of the comments left here by email. Honestly, if it's not one thing its another. Do you wonder I am fed up? Probably not, you are probably so fed up with me you wont bother coming much more. I am on the verge of giving this up, nothing but nothing is going right so why do I persist in torturing myself by carrying on with this. I just do not know. ARGH. I want to smash something, I want to scream. I want someone to come and put everything back to how it was before the Bernina broke. It is from then everything has gone wrong. I want doesn't get I always told my girls, and now my grand daughter, and just look at me, I want I want I want.

Something that DID work - hooray - was the Embellisher machine. I realised I hadn't made a postcard for the swap I am in on the Popular Patchwork Forum. It is called - UNDER THE SEA - if you go to the PP site then the forum and click on the albums you will see some truly wonderful works of art, look for the postcard groups to see what everyone is coming up with for this theme. I digress. I decided to give the Embellisher a go for this, so I got some wool and some other stuff and just shoved it under and came up with........well, I came up with something I thought looked like the sea, 'H' not too sure. [typical] Anyway I persevered and have finished my Postcard, just got to write it and post it off to Fay in Israel now. Here is a picture of the back in its unfinished state, when Fay has received it, I will 'turn' it round so you can see what I did.

I am going to an Embellisher Machine class with my friend Di next month to learn how to use it properly - I hope. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but I have to say I was jolly pleased with what emerged - tell the truth - don't faint - I smiled!!!!!!

Hmmm, a query, why is the spell check not accepting Embellisher as a word? Very strange.


In case you are wondering why I had a three day break!!!!! I was house sitting for my Suzanne. I think -!! - I am back now.



Di said...

Clever you. That's great. New book came yesterday but haven't had a chance to look at it as I'm either doing QS thing or Halloween stuff.

Anonymous said...

That is very good. Especially for not knowing exactly how to use your machine. I love how artistic you are. Don't give up on blogging, Even if you can not respond to emails. At least your sharing your art:) That is all that matters!

Susan said...

Hi Jan

Don't give up you will get there in the end. I still follow your blog and love every minute of it. I have had a terrible time with BT. Had no internet, no phone and no telly for over two weeks. I am pleased to say all is restored now and I am bacl blogging. I have a new e-mail address like you i lost all my contacts and sites all kinds. thankfully because ifollow your blog I am able to contact you . But I lost your e-mail contact. I sent you a belated b'card a little while ago I was wondering if you got it? Keep screaming shouting moaning and silently fumming Jan but never give up xxxx love Susan xxxxx

searchfamilies said...

well you will get the hang of this machine in no time & doing a class will be even great help enjoy it
Hugs Janice

Anonymous said...

I'm so envious, Jan! It's a fantastic card. :) Wonder if Santa could squeeze an embellisher into my stocking this year???

maggi said...

Beware the embellisher will become addictive. The more you play the more you discover it will do. Be patient, everything else will fall into place soon.