Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Once again I have been presented with two Quilts for the Soldiers. These two are from two ladies from another Quilt Group, my friend Pat told them about the request for Quilts, and these two lovely Ladies made these Quilts, quick as a flash for them. Thank you so much.

Pat also brought to me, all these books and magazines, she wants me to sell them at my group and the money is to go to Annette for wadding and thread for the Soldier Quilts she is making. Again, I am overcome by the generosity of people with these Quilts in mind. Thank you Pat.

Pat also brought up these packs of wadding for Annette to use for the Soldier Quilts. Words cannot express how we feel Pat, your generosity is just so kind. Thank you again.

Tessa from the Popular Patchwork Forum, sent Annette two bags of batik fabric strips, a lady had come into the shop where Tessa works and presented her with them and Tessa knew just the place to send them. To Annette for Soldier Quilts. I had one carrier bag and Annette has the other. I have joined all the strips in strips as per Annette's instructions, I cant wait to see the finished Quilt or Quilts, there are a lot of them, each strip has 40 pieces of batik in it and there are I believe about 30-40 strips in total. This you remember is just one carrier of batik bits! The mind boggles!

These were stitched together on the 'loan' machine I was using whilst I was machine-less, so to speak. I quite enjoyed doing this for Annette, not hard, just strip after strip after the bottom of the bag. Gorgeous fabrics. Thank you Tessa.



searchfamilies said...

Annette does a great job as dies everyone for this well worth cause
Hugs Janice

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

wow at those strips, can't wait to see it complete.