Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I don't understand, I was sewing away, and the day had finished! Where did it go? What is happening? I am getting so behind in things I am supposed to be doing of late, it is all the fault of the clock. The hands are positively rushing around at full pelt if you ask me. SLOW DOWN don't be such a spoilsport.
This evening my friend Di rang and we were talking about the Journals we are doing along with Myfanwy, as we were talking it suddenly hit me, an idea for a page I had been stuck on, so after the call had ended, I quickly got the Journal out and wrote what I had thought of in it, over and over as we had been told to do. I then went to the kitchen and got all my stuff sorted to slap a bit of paint on top of the writing.
Well, this is where it all started to go wrong. I couldn't find my paints. I searched and searched. Grrrr I still haven't found them, so tomorrow I shall buy a set of drawers -hopefully on wheels - so it can go under my table in my sewing room and ALL my painting stuff will go in there instead of being scattered willy nilly about my room. Then when inspiration strikes, as it did this evening, I shall be all set. That's the theory anyway.
I will let you know how the practice went tomorrow!!! I am off to town to meet my friend Pat for coffee. Annette is coming with me so it will be a surprise for Pat, unless she has read my Blog before she leaves home!
Back to the sewing, I am making a quilt for Lisa, at my group last time, her hubby chucked me a pack of fat quarters of Cat fabric. Very nice said I. Can you do something with those he asked? Probably says I. So this is what I am working on at the moment. These are the fabrics;

Colourful aren't they! I am also using a plain black amongst them you will be pleased ! to know. The Quilt top is coming along nicely, I feel I may be making a bit too large for Lisa, but hope she will forgive me, some of the fabrics I didn't want to cut too small. We shall see.
In the post today I received a lovely surprise from Joan. A while back she sent me a postcard with some fabulous colourful RicRac on, I mentioned I really liked it and she sent me what she had left and also bought some for me, look, isn't it gorgeous, thank you Joan, that was really kind of you. Love the card too.
I also got  the MARCH  Postcard from Angela, you may remember we are doing a month themed Postcard swap. I haven't done mine yet Angela, but I know exactly what I am going to do for you and this time, it is NOT the weather!!!! Here is Angela's card to me;
Another corker, thank you Ange I love it. When I have them all they are going to make a wonderufl hanging for me.
On another tack completely, I was given at the weekend, before Mother's Day anyway, this small quilt by Annette, I had made it yonks ago and never finished it, she took it home and, Voila, all done. It is now proudly on show, in use on the back of the settee. I love it. I hope you can see the colours are wonderful muted ones and Annette has matched the quilting thread perfectly. Thank you Annette.


searchfamilies said...

Love quilt, yes time seems to go pass so quickly, you done some beautiful work as always
Hugs Janice

Reflections of life and art said...

Your having the same problem as I am......where does the day go??
I'm not a cat lover...but I do love these fabrics....can't wait to see what you create.

Geta Grama said...

The fabrics collection is fabulous.
And that variegated ric-rac is to die for !

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I love the small quilt annette finished for you, it's lovely