Thursday, 18 March 2010


Went to town, met Pat for coffee, she knew Annette was coming cos she read my Blog before she left home!!! AFter coffee we had a good old wander round town, went down to Wilkinson's and WOOHOO, I got the set of drawers I wanted to get my painting bits organised. When we got home, slight prob! They wouldn't go under the table, it has a stupid plinth just under the flat of the table top. So Annette tipped the table whilst I pushed the drawers under. Problem solved as they say. I had a lovely time then sorting the drawers out, bottom one has paints and paint related bits in it. Middle drawer has dyes and fabrics that have been dyed in, and the top drawer, well I just shoved stuff in it for now. I will get them sorted properly after the weekend. Saturday it is my group day again, whew, that one has come round pretty quick, so I shall be very busy the next few days getting everything sorted for that. Meantime, here are my drawers!!! hahahaha
Sorting them out has almost freed up one table...
and yes I know there is a spelling mistake in Cottton...
I put a picture of Robbie here cos I don't have any others for you just now, and he is just so yummy to look at. Oh I forgot to say, I found the paints I was looking for which started all the 'drawer' business, they were on a shelf to the side of my sewing machine!! DOH! I have done the journal page I wanted to do last night. Got to wait til tomorrow to have a look to see what has happened to it now.


Ann Flowers said...

Nice utilization of space. Plus it will keep it nice and sturdy, Ours is always tipping because we open drawers with paint in them. That's a good idea.

And yes he is VERY yummy;) Love those yes:)

Can you email me. I can not find your email address. I filed it a little too well lol.

Ann Flowers

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

it looks all nice and it..i have those all jammed under my two sewing tables and baskets and bins and boxes, you get the idea.

Pat said...

Oh, how we all search for better ways to organize and just when we think we have it "right", we outgrow it and need to find MORE ways to organize. LOL

Cal said...

My sewing area is a mess!
Jan, thank you so much for the beautiful bag and the surprise gorgeous postcard! The bag is wonderful, even nicer in person! And the postcard is so nice, the first time I get one of these, and I was intrigued by the colorful web-like top layer. Thank you!! I used the bag straight away, on a walk around the lake and at the library.

Reflections of life and art said...

Great find and nice organization on your I see something with the cat fabric on top of the table there....perhaps a quilt wall hanging or something....:-D

maggi said...

Great that you got the drawers Jan. Don't apologise for putting eye-candy on your blog!

searchfamilies said...

Now that a thought the whole wide world can see your drawers lol
I have something like yours i have a small set for FQs & larger one for yardage still not enough space in those but some is out the way lol see you tomorrow
Hugs Janice