Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I have been working on various things of late and this evening, it all came together and I realised I had complted quite a few swaps I am in so it is off to the Post Office tomorrow for me. Here is what will be posted;

  • Bag made on Embellisher machine - absolutely thrilled with the way this has turned out

  • Inchies and Twinchies swap - great fun to make

  • Birthday squishy + card for Fiona on 5th April

  • Birthday squishy + card for Lesley on 24 April

  • 12 Star Block Kits for Red White and Blue swap I am in

  • 2 Star Block Kits [extras] for the above swap

  • ATC colour Blue - we are doing the Rainbow eventually

  • April Fool Postcard - and it is NOT meaning I don't send a card to be the joke!!!!

  • 'Whatchadoingnow' Postcard - this was Tuesday 23 March 3.25pm
Great stuff, I love it when a plan gets fulfilled. I work on bits and pieces, which seems unmethodical to most people, but it works for me, as all of a sudden, voila. It's all done. Mind you, I thought this brought me bang up to date with all my swaps! Only to open my emails and find there is one in there waiting to be done, new, but waiting never-the-less. Plus a postcard 'APRIL' for Angela.
Then I have to finish some bits and pieces I am making in scret for Lisa, don't tell her... http://www.cobblestonecabin.co.uk/CobblestoneCabin/index.php have you been there yet?  She has some scrap bags from MODA on there now, there are just a few, so you best be quick, they are going fast.   Actually if you go here http://cobblestonecabin.blogspot.com  you will see them all. This is Lisa's Blog. Remember, she will post abroad, you just have to email her first.
So you see I haven't actually finished all my swaps at all have I. Ho hum. I will put photo's up of all the above once the peeps have received them all.


Lisa said...

Just to say that with all the agro with the pc im having at the moment my scrappy bags i put on the site have disappeared into cyber space.. lol darned things, if anyone sees them floating about anywhere can you let me know.

On a serious note tho, these bags can be viewed on my blog, so just email me for more info.. thanks Janet for the publicity.. lol xx

maggi said...

Glad top hear that you are up to date as no doubt there will be more to do soon.

Lisa said...

Panic averted.. Scrappy bags are on the site safe and sound.. I hope.. x

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

wow, you've been super busy

Anonymous said...

I'm thoroughly delighted with the order I placed on Monday night. It arrived on Wednnesday after emails confirming the order and telling me it had been dispatched. Beautiful fabric! I'll shop again! Thanks to Lisa for the service and to jan for telling us about her shop.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for letting us know about the giveaway at Cobblestone...I won!! I'm SOOOOOO excited about it that I want to open the front door and tell the whole street ;o)

H x