Saturday, 27 March 2010


Remember all these I posted various things to;
Pat B - Jean - Irene - Pat S - Sylvia - Maureen -
Di - Maggie - Angela - Caz - Marian - Irene - Susan P - Susan Pi -
Well I am a bit concerned cos I've not heard from all that they have received their packages/envelopes. Only the ones in blue have I heard from. Hmmmm, not happy.
Updated 27 March the ones in red I actually don't expect to hear from, they don't read my Blog, so I guess it's not bad.


Pat B said...

Jan, I did receive my package thanks, sorry I haven't let you know before now - been to Sarah's house sitting! Many thanks for the sheets, have already put them in with the others so that I don't lose them. See you soon.

maggi said...

Oh Jan, I hope you hear soon that the others arrived too.

Pat said...

I hope you hear soon....when I got my royal mail from you, I was so excited and got online to you right away. Hopefully, they have just been super-busy and will contact you after this reminder.

jan said...

Hi Pat B, thanks love, I forgot you were going to Sarah's, hope you had a good time.
Have updated so it doesn't look too bad now.