Thursday, 4 March 2010


It is always against me of late.


Pat said...

I know...I know...I have that problem, too.

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan,
I know what you mean. Tim has had a lot of deadlines recently - exams and coursework for school - and it really got to him yesterday. So we took a day out to catch up and he's gone off this morning with a spring in his step. Ros x

Anonymous said...

Sorry your running out of time. I was thinking of the bunny in Alice in Wonderland.... Running with your watch....trying to get things done.

I hope things will slow down soon
Ann Flowers

Anonymous said...

Mmm, Dh's new job means I have the car at the moment. Been very useful as had a lot of appointments this week and can also take DD3 to home-ed events BUT have also spent a lot of time waiting for trains to arrive, etc. Result - very little sewing recently! :(Hope things change soon - need my sanity back! :)