Thursday, 25 March 2010


The post came today at 3.30pm! Very strange. The postie is a new one, very chatty! We have a sign on our front door telling people - [not requesting] -  NOT to leave anything for us at No.2. He rang the bell and said
"I cant think why you don't want anything left there"
me - 'you gotta be joking'       ---  then I realised he was being funny......ho ho ho I think!  He then proceeded to chat to me for about 20minutes [this is why the post was late I guess!!] telling me has to take a deep breath before he ventures up the path to their door. When he has to ring the bell, he apparently, rings it then stands back well away from the opening door as the 'pong' that comes out takes his breath away. He asked me what it is they have inside as the 'pong' is goddam awful - his words not mine. See, I kid you not folks, I am living next to such scum it beggars belief. Anyway, back to my post which he delivered...
Yippee, it has arrived, PART 2 of the Embellishing classes from Myfanwy. Got hubby to quickly put it on the TV for me, he went out to take the car for it's MOT, which meant when the doorbell went [again] - GRRRRR - I had to answer it...
Chap - Hi, how you doing...... .                                            
Me - No thank you
Chap - I am from Anglian W......                                          
Me - NO thank you
Chap - I do see you have replacement windows but......      
Me - NOOOOO thank you
Chap - It's just we have a special d........
ME - Look buster, I am watching a really important DVD at the moment you are going to have to GO.
Chap -  [blank look]
Me - slam door shut and lock it, back to TV, don't know how to work the remote so have missed a fair bit, sat down and blow me, the doorbell went again.... double GRRRR GRRRR
Fling the door open and shout WHAT NOW - hee hee hubby standing there, going 'What have I done?'
You have to laugh really, I do not watch TV much, certainly not through the day, the one and only time I wished to sit and absorb it today and I am interupted like I don't know what. Suffice to say, he rewound it for me and I managed to see it all. WOW so much to take in - again - but I have my own little DVD thingy in my sewing room so I shall be glued to that at the weekend. Here it is then, the DVD No.2 -

I also received this wonderful little ATC from Ros,
we are both in a Rainbow ATC swap in a group we belong to
thank you so much Ros, I love it, it is just so perfect for me because I love my cuppa's
I also got some postal sacks I have been waiting for nearly three weeks to be delivered, ordered from eBay, hmm the seller will not be getting good feedback from me, particularly as they are only in Kettering, which is 20minutes up the road from here. Not impressed with there service at all. Then there were a whole batch of election envelopes for both of us. Why is it the only time we hear from our Politicians is when they want our Vote. I wasn't impressed with them either I can tell you. I think it is important to Vote, but this time who do you choose? They are all wassocks if you ask me.
Sewing this evening I managed to rip my finger open on the needle of the sewing machine as I was changing the foot. Ouch!  I have a feeling I need my eyes tested and new glasses! Seriously, I do. Too busy at mo to go for eye test.  Went shopping with Annette this morning in town and noticed quite a few of the things I was looking at were quite blurred!!!! ho hum.


Angela said...

I need my eyes testing too Jan...must be all this sewing :o)

I'm with you on the politicians - we have had the same party here for years and years and they're ok-ish (better the devil you know I say!)but all the other 2 can do is slag them off and say if we vote for them it will be a vote for their arch rival - errr????

Love Ros's ATC :o)

No wonder you're good on the embellisher - I'm pretty hopeless and not sure I want to take it up again :o(


Ann Flowers said...

Your post made me laugh. I swear whenever I get a quiet moment to myself and I sit to watch a movie, my phone rings endlessly. Sorry you got so many interruptions.

I sure hope you enjoy your video:)

I hope your finger is feeling better. What kind of sewing machine do you use to make all your wonderful goodies?

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Ann Flowers

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

that was hilarious, poor hubby, haha

maggi said...

Very funny post Jan. My last encounter with Anglian ended with my response to their offers being 'Not even if you were giving them away.'

Am debating the new video at the moment.