Tuesday, 17 August 2010


If just one more thing goes wrong for me I think I may just...ARGH...I don't really know what I will do but I feel sure it will be bad.
I had a really rotten week last week, neighbours being their usual PITA's, and because I dared to mention how awful it had been for two days solid, one of my other neighbours said....'get over it'.    Well, thanks a lot, I wish they had this bungalow and I had theirs, then I could say it to them, I couldn't believe it I really couldn't. Particularly as his wife is supposed to be getting a petitionup to get something done about them. Hah, they better not come to me to sign it, mind you we have been waiting for many months for this petition already. Guess I had better get over it.
Suffice to say the RSPCA have been out to them, and NO it wasn't me who reported them - this time - it was anonymous, how crabby is that! I'm not scared of them I always leave my name so they know it was me complain. Anyway, as I said they came out and all that happened was they removed one dog. Pffft! Apparently all is well next door!!!!
I give up I really do. If the RSPCA think that that is a good place for dogs, I am a dutchman's uncle, no offence to the Dutch or Uncles anywhere.

I then had a conversation with a friend who got the whole wrong end of my conversation and left me feeling a cheat and someone not to be trusted. That really hurt I can tell you. Not been resolved yet. I am still upset about that.

I messed up a visit from a friend, I got the wrong date and so she couldn't come, BUT happily we have managed to sort it all out and tomorrow I will be meeting the lovely Maggi here in Northampton. I am really looking forward to meeting her, I hope she is going to enjoy her visit to  our town. Maggi is coming to see the Lions. Now there is another sad thing. The vandalism that has been done to these wonderful works of art is appalling. You just would not believe what some people have done. Hubby says it is the weekend drunks who probably have done it all. Very sad to think they cannot leave things alone. Beautiful things too. Makes me ashamed to think Maggi wont be able to see them at their best.

The next thing to happen was just this morning. I was going to scan a map for Maggi and send by email of the route from M1 to Car Park. Printer went        ________________________________________
just like that, Complete silence. Apart that is from me doing my nut. Hubby had only just used it to copy the map and it worked just fine. Now, dead as a Dodo. I could see my FoQ money disappearing on a new printer. boohoo. I cannot be without one you see. BUT, he nipped out and bought one for me, how great is that. I now have a Kodak printer, don't ask me about it as I haven't used it yet. Sadly it doesn't do half which my old one used to, but it is a Printer/Copier/Scanner so I am happy. Well, I will be when I work out how to use it.
Maggi meantime had Googled the town and car parks and sorted it out herself. Whew!

Neighbours next door had a very loud conversation in the street right outside our windows, saying about how people should mind their own businewss and the RSPCA said how nice everything was and how well the dogs were being cared for. Done obviously for my benefit, but I hadn't heard any of it, hubby had and passed it on to me. Boy oh boy I wish I had heard cos I would have been out there telling them for once it hadn't been me report them this time, and that NO WAY would I believe the RSPCA would say any of that.
They are just born liars. Can you tell I hate them? It is obvious they blame me for the visit. Do I care? Nope.

I have also discovered [been told] I have been doing HST wrongly now for all the years I have been doing patchwork!
I have always used the  -  add 7/8" method  -  but have been informed that is not right!     It is 3/8".  ?????
Sorry but I cannot work that out at all. Help please.

I really want something good to happen now. I am fed up with all this ****. I have enetered a Give Away for a GO machine. Wish me luck folks, gosh I could do with some.
Oh my this is a moany Monday post isn't it? Sorry folks.


Cal said...

Hope that you feel better after writing it down. Sometimes that alone helps! Hope this week will be better.

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan, I'm sorry that your neighbours are being rotten at the moment and that the RSPCA were so spineless. I'll say a prayer for you. I'm off to try and win the go-cutter - for you - and put a smile back on your face. God bless, Ros

Noel said...

Oh My Goodness....you have had a week of weeks my friend! Sorry about the problem with your friend...hope you get it sorted and all is well.
Hubby is a good man...getting his wife a new printer so fast...yeah!!
As for the rest....don't bother giving your neighbors control over you....life is what it is and it's too darn short to be upset....just make up your mind to not give a hoot and concentrate your energy on something creative....your works of art are always beautiful!!!
Go visit my blog again and sit on the beach for a minute....soak up the waves and listen to the children playing....HUGS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you have had some bad days. Neighbors can be the worst. We just have to believe what goes around comes around and they will get theirs eventually.

I think you should take all your frustration out on some material;) You are amazingly creative. I know you can channel that frustration into a work of gorgeous art;)

Ann Flowers

Di said...

Have a lovely day with Maggi and enjoy yourself. As for the others well they do say 'what goes around comes around'. I know that sounds flippant but it's not meant to be and I'm sure you know that I am not being flippant. As for the HST issue, you know you are right full stop.

Curli will cheer you up from Friday night as long as you don't fall over the lump like I nearly did last night. Just having those soulful eyes looking at you does wonders (even thought he is trying to scrounge something!!)

maggi said...

You can vent your spleen on me this morning Jan. Just getting ready to come over. And by the way it is 7/8" for HST

luv2quilt2 said...

Sometimes you just have to moan and whine about circumstances in your life. Especially when it's a situation you can't resolve, such as the neighbors. Enjoy your visit with your friend, and look forward to working with your new printer. Things do get better.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Jan, what a horrid time you are having, I do feel for you , We had horrible horrible neighbours years ago, they had a garage full to the roof of birds, just about 10 feet from our bedroom, and although they kept it clean enough there was a awful smell and the racket from the birds , and terrible swearing from the humans., I'm afraid we had to move. which cost us expensive but my nerves were shredded. as the son used to play football on our outside wall. GGGggggggrrrrrrr so really do understand what you are going through,
Hope you and Maggi have a super day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,

I'm sorry you're having such a rotten time - I don't think there's anything I can say to make you feel better but am sening lots of warm, calming thoughts (and hugs) your way...

Enjoy your day with Maggi and I hope that things get sorted with your other friend (and that the neighbours suddenly clean up their act - unlikely but I'll put it out there for the universe to work on!)

Take care,
H xx

P.S. 7/8" is definitely right, the 3/8" person is talking out of the back of their head!

Cath said...

I hope you've had a better day today Jan, I'm sure you have if Maggi has been visiting. It must be awful living next door to people like that, but if you believe in karma........well, I wouldn't want to be in their shoes!! You reap what you sow, that's how I look at it anyway.

searchfamilies said...

So sorry you are having such a bad time of it with your neighbour as well as you have had a bad time with your friend hope you can resolved it all
on the HTS i think that everyone does it differently, i had seen & been told it a extra 3/8 which is if say 4 1/2 inch then you do to 4 7/8 so that may be where the 3/8 is this is added to what ever size you do me depending on what i am cutting i will possible round up to the extra half inch (4/8) as long as your come to what you want it to be when do use them it don't matter what way or size you do each to their own
Hugs Janice