Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Hey thanks everyone for your thoughts on my last post. I just had to get it all off my chest and as always once it is in print, it doesn't look as bad anymore. All water under the bridge and all that. Life goes on.
You will see I haven't named any names, I am not into that, just wanted to get my head clear.  The neighbour situation will never be resolved, the rest will.

Moving on - I had a lovely day with Maggi, one of my 'cyber' friends. A very REAL person. I think if you managed to spend a lot of time with Maggi, you would become very knowledgable. She is one of those people who is so fascinating to talk to as she knows a lot of things. Makes we wish I had listed more at school! Also time spent doing craft work with her would be well spent, as she is just sooo clever as I have said before.
We had a lovely day and Rebecca was just so good as it must have been pretty boring for her to be with the pair of us, but she behaved beautifully, well done Reb. Maggi loved the lions, thought it was such a dreadful shame some had been so poorly treated. Absolutely no need for it whatsoever. We saw this one in the town's Boot and Shoe Museum and were both suitable gobsmacked.

Look at this beauty, what do you think it is? Lace?
Think again...
Can you read reverse writing?
This was all cut out of paper, using a knife and a ruler. Isn't it fantastic?
This little chain with it's banner is also cut from the same paper.
I take my hat off to this lady.
This tells us the paper she used.
To finish this post with I am putting this picture up because these just fascinate me...
It is the 'Chip' board from my poor printer,
that is Rebecca's hands holding it so you can see how tiny the bits are...
As Rebecca said, it looks like a veiw of high rise buildings.
Am off to my bed, feel very tired now. Wonderful day though,
thank you Maggi for visiting.


Cal said...

I am glad you are feeling better! That lion covered in paper is amazing!!

Pat said...

I CANNOT imagine working with the paper to do something like the way that lion is decorated!

Pat B said...

Glad you had a great day with Maggi and are feeling better now that you got all that off your chest! I was fascinated by that lion covered in village names, I haven't seen that one, must try to get down there before they all disappear.

maggi said...

Oh dear Jan, I am blushing now after all those lovely things you said. Thanks to you and Rebecca for a wonderful day. I have decided NOT to try the method used for the paper lace covered lion, I will just admire from afar. I certainly would not have the patience for that, it was stunning.

searchfamilies said...

I use to have to inspect boards like that & even smaller ones when i use to work as a electronics Inspector
Glad you are feeling better & had a good time with Maggi & Rebecca
Hugs Janice

Noel said...

Life is grand again....yeah!
Love the paper lion and glad your visit with Maggie was fun...it's always nice to connect with friends!
Hugs, Noel♥♥♥