Friday, 23 May 2008


Elaine is a friend I met through a group that does postcard swaps. She is a very talented lady, I want you all to go visit her Blog, it is over there in the list, what she can do with card and paper is just amazing. The shops shoud sell her cards, the ones in the shops here are pretty abysmal compared to the ones she makes. I wish I lived near to her I would buy all my cards from her no fear.

I have just been to visit Noel's Blog, it is over there in my list. Do go and see what she has been posting lately. Some wonderful things on there. She is so talented. I am in awe of her work. Noel I know I owe you a picture, I haven't forgotten if you are reading this, just time is not my friend at the moment. Also you have to tell me your favourite colour then I cna let you know which to choose from the list. Bet you thought I had forgotten that too.
I know I could have done this in an email but I am here and I am guessing you will be visiting me some time or other and was too lazy to go back to emails. Bad girl :-(

Since joining the postcard swap groups I have met so many lovely people, these are just two of the many. I will point out others as I go along my merry way, I would hate for you to miss them.


Noel said...

Hi favorite colors are all shades of purple and pink/black together!!
Thanks for mentioning my blog but you my dear are a very talanted lady yourself. You have inspired me greately in my fpc making and your always willing to help me overcome my fear in using my Bernina.
Thanks my friend! Now I'm off to visit Elaine's blog.


jan said...

Right I shall sort through and let you know what I have in those colours.
Hope you enjoy Elaine's Blog as much as I do.