Friday, 23 May 2008


I am sorry I was a bit fast on those You jest surely. I am still finding my way round these new screens. Very strange. I did it all on autopilot before, NOW I have to stop and think. I deleted a whole bunch of stuff earlier as the button I clicked was the DELETE not POST. ARGH!!!!!! Anyway I do appreciate your kind remarks. Thank you Noel.

Had a fairly busy day today. Had to collect GD from school early as she was going to the dentist to have a tooth removed. A baby tooth that was still in situ behind a brand spanking new big one. So sadly it had to come out. She tried wiggling it, but nothing happened. Anyway it is gone now, and I should imagine the Tooth Fairy is collecting it as we speak!

We went into a shop that is closing down up at the WFCentre. I bought some candles, ohhh lovely aroma of sticky toffee pudding now permeates the house!!
Some cheap earrings that I am going to dismantle as the beads and bits on them can be useful for my cards.
Some super baskets for bits and bobs. Oh and some trays that stack.
You should have seen me manhandling all that lot on the bus!!!!!


Noel said...

I know exactly what you are going through learning a new's so frustrating!!!
Keep pluging'll be second nature before you know it.

jan said...

I keep messing up and the other day I deleted a whole load of stuff. ARGH!!!!