Friday, 23 May 2008


These are what I call my 'Firework' cards. I just love making these, I find it very relaxing to do.I always make sure I take some of these for beading when I am house sitting for my daughter.
I also have to make really sure all her cats are safely away from all my beads!!!
Can you imagine the fun they would have with them all?
You will see some have either 1-2 or 3 fireworks on them. The ones with just one on, like this one for instance, are a new take on the cards for me. I wondered what one would look like, I think it seems to be okay.
So I made another one!
I am not sure if you will get the full effect of all the beads from these pictures.....I have just discovered if you click on the individual cards you may just get to see the sparkle. Enjoy!
The cards really 'sparkle' when you have them in your hand.....
I haven't counted, but I would guess there must be a hundred or more on each card...beads that is.
Even so, my bead stash is not going down by much. So.........................

I can make some more!! Yay.


Noel said...

WOW.....I love these cards....again you made my jaw drop...they're the bead work you did on them too!
You have been a busy gal while you were away...hehehe!

jan said...

I just cant stop making these, I find them very relaxing to do.

Mieke said...

Stunning!! Did you do them by hand or with a machine??

jan said...

Hello Mieke, I do all my work by machine, I have a Bernina 1090S, it is not an embroidery machine, don't fancy those, I just make it do what I want it to!! Wicked woman. I am unable to sew by hand anymore, I have RSI and it gets pretty painful at times. Thank you for your kind comment, I am glad you like them. I guess one day I will have to part with them and send them to some people, Ahhh a good excuse then to make some more. :-)