Tuesday, 27 May 2008


This was made for a competition I entered in a magazine. You had to make a picture 12" square, it could be anything you wanted it to be, and as I was going through my dragon fly period!!! I decided I would do this. I called it The Dragon's Dance, I didn't win of course, but was glad I entered. It made me try something I had never done before.At the moment I am doing a similar thing for one of the groups I am in, we have to make a mini quilt either 8" or 10" square, I have chosen the bigger size - (chicken) It is coming on slowly, lucky for me the lovely lady who organises us has given us more time to finish them. I took bits of it with me at the weekend when I was HS to do the beading so I am slowly getting all the components sorted.


Noel said...

This is a gorgeous "Mini Quilt"...dragonflies are one of my favorites other then lady bugs.
Oh you are going to make someone very happy when they receive this one!


jan said...

Hi Noel, you have misunderstood me!! Oh dear it isn't this one it is another one I am making for the swap. Sorry. lol :-)