Thursday, 1 May 2008


What a peculiar day weather-wise it has been today, rain, sun, rain, strong winds, rain, sun, rain, brilliant sun. I had done some washing and I was in and out like a yo yo with it, in the end I gave up put the old wooden horse up in the sun-room and draped it over that. Wouldn't you know, when I went to meet GD from school, the sun was out blazing like a summer's day! I had put my coat on - just in case - Oh how I wish I hadn't bothered I was roasted by the time I got to daughter's flat. Crazy crazy weather. I suppose I shouldn't really grumble cos we want the summer to be nice don't we?
Apart from the stupid weather I had a fairly quiet day, for me! I am half way through another crazy card so am pleased about that. I also started to read a Jane Austin, not read her since school, so hope I will appreciate it more now I am older!!!! I had a tidy and change round of some boxes in my sewing room. Why is it I keep doing this, I never seem to settle with how it is, I have to keep moving stuff around. It is better actually, I am trying to get all my postcard stuff in one area instead of scattered hither and thither. I have finished my 'Cat' swap cards, I am really pleased with these, hope the ladies they go to will like them. What else did I do? Oh yes.
We, Suzanne, hubby and myself have started our very own private slimming club. We are still going to pay each week and the person who loses 7lb first gets the dosh as an incentive. Then we pay again until the next 7lb mark is reached. Neat huh!
Anyway I shall put my weight over there again, we have ignored all what went before, this is a fresh start. I am not going to set myself a target, I am just going to lose weight. Any loss is good for me. Even half pound is something. Wish me luck.

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