Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Hm mm Or words to that effect. Last night remember I cut out all the blocks ready to stitch up a storm tonight? OHO, shouldn't a done that. Should have made one block first, you know like all the goody two shoes do!!
Well, SERVES ME RIGHT, it doesn't match up, the block is a real mess. I am going to have to redraft it. I can see where it is wrong but am going to start from scratch and try to salvage some of my fabric. I daresay in a later magazine they apologised for the error. BUT I don't have that do I?
So I have wasted last night and this evening. Oh what fun!
There is a lesson to be learned here all you who are reading this....which is.....
Do as the books say and make a test block first.
Don't be a dodo like me.


Noel said...

Oh Jan what a mess.....sorry to hear this happened...but you know that would happen to me....I hope the pieces aren't a loss!


jan said...

They just go in the scrap box. They could be used in another way possibly who knows, they may get a second chance.