Tuesday, 27 May 2008


These are a few of the pictures I have taken so far of a Quilt I am making as a 21st birthday gift to a daughter 'J' from her mum and dad A & P. They recently came along to my Quilt Set meeting and chose the fabrics they liked from the Poppy Patch stall we had. These I took home, washed and ironed ready for the big cutting session.
On looking at the book they had chosen the design for the Quilt to be from, sort of a shock to realise there were no patterns given. Ho hum got the drawing pencil and paper out and drafted the pattern. It was easypeasy really, so that was good. I couldn't find a name for this block in any of my books. Never mind I guess it doesn't really matter.
You will see I have 'zoomed' along and got the top reasonably put together...read on....

IF by any bad luck you recognise J from these pictures, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT tell her about this, it is, as I said, to be a surprise.

Things have sort of come to a halt as A & P are waiting for the special photo fabric to arrive from
America!!! The birthday is 25th June I believe. I have a motto it is......DON'T PANIC.....
The pictures printed out onto the special fabric, so far, are a bit of a problem. Some of them are use-able, I know the secret code we used to attach them to the base. Flower pins use it, my pins DON'T.
All the 'my pins' are unusable as they turned out with a yukky hint of green to them. Also the printing of some words and pictures --were in reverse!!!
P has sorted that out hopefully, but hey America.....we need that fabric...like NOW!
The pictures all have a 'frame' around them, using the fabrics in the Quilt, these A & P sorted the other Saturday. They were going to sew some on but we ran out of time!! So I will be fixing them on with my trusty machine.
I am enjoying making this Quilt, OK I know it is nowhere near finished - yet - I have promised it will be, by the date needed. I had to draft the pattern out, it is ages since I have done that. It was good to 'tax' the old grey cells for a change.
As you can see from this picture, some of the photos will have double frames.
I am so pleased. A and P have allowed me to put the pictures of J's Quilt on my Blog. OK it looks a bit weird at the moment as it is in a strange state, but you can probably see what it will eventually turn out like - I hope.


Noel said...

Jan, this looks like it's going to be one gorgeous quilt! What a cherished memory...can't wait to see it completed!

jan said...

Thank you Noel, I am enjoying making this for the lovely couple I have met. They are both going to join my sewing group. How fantastic is that. I have always wanted a chap in my group. I couldn't wish for a nicer one than Paul.