Thursday, 22 May 2008


Well here they are, my crazy cards. I have never done Crazy patchwork before, always thought it a bit 'messy'. But I have to say once I got into the swing of these I really enjoyed making them. Took a long time to do but hope the people who get them think it was worth it!! They are not in the correct order here, but they are numbered so you can see which I made first. Each one does have a spider with it's web. They aren't that good I am afraid, I really struggled with the webs, and the spiders come to that.
Another thing they all have in common is a shisha mirror. I had forgotten I had those.
Oh, and a teddy is on there too somewhere on each one, sometimes two.
I have put my little logo on them too and the year.
I raided all my embellishments for these. Great fun. I can see me making more of them some time in the future. Possible with a colour theme next time though.
The background fabrics for all of them is Sari Silk and crushed Velvets. I randomly stacked the fabrics then cut shapes loosely with the rotary cutter, jumbled the piles up, put the fabric on the cards, machine stitched across all the seams with the fancy stitches on my machine, using random threads. I did as much of the sewing as I could by machine. Then I started the embellishing. What fun I had! Card number five, has some Fibonachhi on it, can you see where?

I will sit back and await some remarks on these....there are bound to be some..... Hi Noel!!!!!


Noel said...

Ok your tooo fast for me. These just posted while I was leaving the other comment.
OMG girl what are you talking about they aren't what their suppost to be...oh yest they are! Great job again!!!!


jan said...

Hi Noel, you see I just knew you would be here for me. Have you seen the others on the site though, they are soooo elegant.
What other comment? I'll go search.

Noel said...

Yes, I have but you see these are yours...they're unique just like you! You did a fantastic job on all the embellishments!

jan said...

Thank you kindly

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Oh Jan,
Your crazy cards a beautiful. You have done a great job. They are so colorful.

jan said...

Hi Phyllis,
you have no idea how I agonised over these, cos one lady in the swap was a crazy patchwork champion, luckily...I passed muster!! Even tho they were done by machine and she said they should be done by hand!! oh well, you cant win em all! :-) Thank you for your kind remarks, boosted my ego today. :-)))))

Susan said...

Oh Jan these are lovely. I gather they are for another post card challenge but if you have one going spare I wouldn't mind a crazy swap. Let me know love Susan.
Ps can I have some of your energy please. lol.