Monday, 5 May 2008


I just don't believe what I have just done! Well I do really because I wasn't concentrating. I was going to put pictures over there ..... of the Mingle cards I have received as well as mine, and what do you think I did?
Instead of pressing or clicking [sorry] - copy....I clicked on delete. Nooooooooooooooo
That means tomorrow I have given myself yet another job to put the pictures back on the computer so I can use them. Yes I know they go to the recycle bin, but argh, I did it wrong there too. I deleted the lot.
There is a great big blue cloud over me at the moment.
Also, something weird has happened to the messages on one of the groups I am in. I am trying to contact the people who don't seem to have received my cards, and goodness knows what I have done through my searching!! I have messages of the year 2006 popping up!!! I wasn't a member then! I have tried to post a message to ask if anyone knows what has happened, but I will have to wait as my messages are moderated on that site!!! Don't know why that is either. Oh well I think I had best give up for today before I completely wreck the complete computer system.


Noel said...

You and I are having the same kind of day my dear! I can't get my pics to post on my blog and email messages are either being returned undeliverable or in my spam folder.....even mine....looks like I'm spaming myself again.....hehehe!
I'm off to try yet again to post pics on my blog....wish me luck!


jan said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens!