Monday, 26 May 2008


This has gone up here cos I forgot it before and added after I'd published once. Anyway it is a pink Azalea. Hopefully it will be better next year!
These are pictures of plants that are in bloom at the moment in my garden, they looked so pretty with the sun of them, I had to take some pictures for you to share. Then I took better ones when the sun went in, found it gave a bit of a 'glare' to the flowers on the photo. I am no David Bailey!Clematis - no idea what type, but the individual flowers are HUGE!
Iris - yellow, what more can I say?White Azalea - not strictly a lover of white flowers but heyho, giving it a whirl.
Pink Rhododendron with a Blue Ceanothus just peeking throughClose up of RhodyThe Ceanothus - I love Ceanothus's, so many different shades of blue.


Noel said...

jan...your flowers are beautiful!!!
Thank you for sharing....I'll bet your garden smells wonderful.


jan said...

Ahhh! Sadly my garden doesn't smell wonderful Noel. I have dreadful neighbours who have an extraordinary amount of dogs, the aroma!! that comes across the fence is atrocious.
We are talking a LOT of dogs here.