Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I knew that if I waited I would find the right person for this small hanging.........I hope she will like it when she eventually gets it.

This was a bag I made for a competition in a magazine - didn't win but hey it's fun entering. The rules were that the bag had to fit on the pages of the magazine which was a little smaller than A4 size.

This is the back....I am afraid my photographic skills are zilch, it sparkles in real life.
This is the front , it has a shaped flap, the water lily stays put when opened. Sadly when they put it in the magazine, no-one thought to put the lily over the flap so it looked a little odd!This bag is leaving me too. Again the right person has appeared.


Noel said...

I like your wall hanging...the saying is great. Your purse is different....I like the vibrant colors and the pattern...you make the neatest things!

jan said...

Again thank you for your comments Noel, I have found a super programme on my computer that 'brightens' things up for me. I have been going through all my pictures redoing them.