Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Isn't it great when something goes right?

At last my card has been delivered to Fay in Israel, from the Popular Patchwork Forum, it was this one I showed you the back of....

Here is the front of it now, so you can see what it was all about.

The theme was 'UNDER THE SEA' - I have done Bath Night at Nana Oc's

and here is the totally finished card...

Fay has asked how I did it. So here goes, that's if I remember correctly. The background I made using my new Embellisher machine, this was the very first thing I did on it, I quite thought it looked like the sea, hubby wasn't convinced though! I used wool and Angelina fibres, they are the sparkly bits you can see, at least I hope you can see it sparkling, click on the picture, you might see them better. My daughter found me a piece of fabric with the Octopus on, I cut in out and managed to chop off some of its legs - oops - so I free machined them on in yellow, they are in the bathtub so you cant see them, but Fay can. I made the bathtub from a piece of hessian, this was loosely satin stitched on leaving the top free, so I could put the little fish in it and one on the end of each of Nana Oc's 'hands, eight fish you see. The red bits are again, wool I whacked on with the embellisher machine, they are supposed to be bits of coral!!! Then I decided at the last minute to stitch on lots of white crystal type beads to give the impression of bubbles in the bath. Think it worked.
So there you are Fay, that is how I made the card for you, I am sorry it was late, I am managing to slowly but surely catch up with all the things I am behind with. Enjoy the card.

I have heard from the two ladies who received these from me as swaps, I am pleased to say they both liked their items, always a relief that.

AT LAST, something going right for me.

Now, if I could just see what Blogger is playing at I would be more than happy. Does anyone else have these problems.

Double line spacing when I don't want it.

Pictures acting up

Title part not in right place.




Vesuviusmama said...

Great card! Glad things are going well for you.

Di said...

You clever lady.

Anonymous said...



searchfamilies said...

Very nice, as for blogger well i have it that i tried to put a space between sentences & it don't happen so something is acting up a bit
Hugs Janice

maggi said...

Gorgeous postcard. Glad your bag swap got there. Mine did too but I am still waiting for my Summertime swap as well as the bag.

Reflections of life and art said... the "Under the Sea" FPC. Your swap pieces are the elephant purse adn the quilt too!