Sunday, 4 October 2009


Today - Saturday - Hubby and Annette took the hateful machine to the shop to be sorted. HUH. I have no faith in it being fixed what so ever, can you tell?
Annette had been using it to test it wasn't just me! It did for her, exactly what it did for me - rubbish sewing. She took the sample along to the shop with her so he could see what it was - or should I say wasn't - doing right. Which is nothing basically. Apparently, he said he will fix it. HA HA HA HA HA Let's see shall we. Truth be told, I DO NOT WANT IT BACK BUDDY.
So, what to do. Time to haul out the Bernina. If you remember the motor had blown up on it and a few other problems besides. Which led me to buy the dreaded J in the first place. Anyway, hubby bought a new motor and got it working. SO.
Tonight I got him to get it out from under the table - poor thing!! - and.......................
YESSSSSS YESSSSSSS IT WORKS. It does sound a little odd I have to say but then I haven't been using it for such a long time now I had forgotten how it sounded. I don't care, it can bang as loud as it likes and wake the whole darn street as long as it does what I want. AND IT DOES. The back of my work I did, was EXACTLY the same as the front. JANOME FOLK TAKE NOTE.
Oh it has been ages since I felt to happy. No headache. No tears. No stress. No tension. No Janome.
So why, you are asking me didn't I use the Bernina before now?
Well, I have been giving the 'thing' a fair chance at correcting itself. I have really really persevered with using the 'thing' but the other day just did it for me. See previous posts. Also it is interesting to see the comments I have had from people about their Janome's. Gosh I wish I had seen them before. Tell you what I would never have bought the J, I certainly wouldn't buy another. I digress, the reason continuing from where I started.... I was afraid the Bernina wouldn't work right, OK I was wrong, happily so I report to you. IF and please God it doesn't happen... IF the B goes wrong and becomes unusable, perish oh perish the thought, I shall invest in a cheapo machine.
Hubby says I have a Janome Embellisher. Well WHO bought it I asked him. NOT ME. I would not have given them any more of my money. I would rather do without than have another Janome. That's me telling it how it is for ME.
I do realise there are zillions of people out there who have a Janome machine and are quite happy with it. Fine and dandy for them. All the ones I have tried didn't work for me.
Anyway, I don't give a damn anymore because...............I have my beloved Bernina back. Yippee
Can you tell I am happy?
Thank you everyone for your comments, I am hoping to get the email answering thingy working soon so I will be able to reply to you all. I really do appreciate you sticking with me over these past dreadful months. Bless you all.


Pat said...

I know how you feel. I wish I was able to have forced the issue to get my money back....but since it was a year (even though it was two BAD of the same model machine), they said all I could do was get an exchange for a different model that was comparable to my old, BAD one. I think this new model (only recently introduced) was brought out to replace this creepy bad one...but nobody is saying that, of course. Heaven forbid a company should admit to a lousy product and stand by their name and do what is REALLY right (that is: give the customer a CHOICE of a refund OR another machine). I should be able to feel excited about getting a new model machine, but I don't as I worry there will be problems with this one in short order, too. Isn't that sad??? I wish I had the money for Bernina...and even my "backup" Husqvarna and Singers work better than the Janome did. They don't have as many fancy features, BUT they are reliable...something I can't say for the two rotten Janome machines I had. *sigh*

searchfamilies said...

You would think it was rocket science to get the machine to work right.
I would say to everyone at least in the UK if you buy something that doesn't work or work correctly when you first get it don't allow them to repair it as once you do that you lose some of your rights.
I had some years ago had a sofa which the arms came loose after 2 weeks found out about the repair bit so insisted on my money back & when he said about repair & i told him that he said i made it up so i told him there the phone to phone up & check himself funny thing was he said i was a trouble maker ect & got a little nasty still got my money back lol
I would say in all of this i had a Janome & it was okay but i can relate to some of the problems as i didn't really do much quilting i can't say how good it was for that & it was called a Quilters Dream that went when i got a Silver which i am happy with will be very happy with when i learn to use it to it full potitial lol well you can now start sewing to your little heart is contented
Hugs Janice

Leah said...



Di said...

FANTASTIC!!!! I'm so glad Jan. You had me worried.

Khris said...

geez that sounds like a nightmare Jan....I love my Husqvarna and would never have a Janome even though several people I know say they love theirs....but I just didnt like it when I tried it out...I know others who say they dont like Husqvarna but I LOVE mine and would buy another one when I have to replace this one...hugs Khris

Kim said...

Okay I have a new 6600 Janome....I use it mainly for the embroidery alphabet ( don't tell my husband)
but I am still trying to love it...I mainly using my old Bernina 1030..I just love her and have for 20 years. she never misses a stitch and I use her everyday.

Happy sewing, glad you got your way and you can get back to sewing not trying to make the machine behave :0).

Reflections of life and art said...

Woo Hoo...ding dong the Janmoes gone....happy feet dance!!