Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I am from London originally. I had to go to school by bus, I paid for the ticket. Every day.    

At the age of 14,  I got a Saturday job, which helped with the payment of things I needed. I have always paid my way.

When I started work proper I paid Tax and National Insurance.  My whole working life I PAID THESE.

So I am entitled to my free bus pass. I WORKED for it as it were.

I was born here in this country. I was taught to be proud to be British or English - whichever you think fits!

Does this still count I wonder?

Yesterday I sat at the SS office waiting for my daughter to finish an interview with them. Hmmmmmmm

When she had her daughter she was unable to work, and so had to go onto Benefits - she hated it, but needs must.
She got herself a job pretty darn quick just as soon as her daughter started school. --A school dinner lady.

The SS got on her back pretty soon to work more hours. Every year she had to go to their office and take all wage receipts etc to show she wasn't cheating the system. Hmmmmmmm

Then they made it every six months.

Then every three months.

All the time on at her to, get more work, get more hours.

So she did. She has secured another job, making the 16 hours they require her to work. They promised [huh] her she would get help with her rates and rent when she got these extra hours.   So today she collected from her new employer, all the forms and information the SS required and went to their offices in town. I sat and waited. Listening.

What a disgrace.
I blew it folks.

My daughter does not deserve such shoddy treatment. It was of course all lies she had been told. She has the extra hours so of course she will be getting extra money ---- it is called wages.

What she WONT be getting is any help with her RENT, she has to pay that in full.

And get this.....she will be awarded the princely sum of 23p towards her RATES.

As I said, I blew it. I just cannot believe that......23p....what an insult.

She will now be working every day, she is keeping the other job, so as to make the hours right for the SS.
What exactly do they want? Blood! If anyone tells me they are only doing their job. I KNOW THAT. I know it is the GOVERNMENT make the rules for them and they have to dish it out and get the flack.

 What gets me is this.......

If I popped over to lets say, India or Bosnia or Serbia or Poland or Africa or just about anywhere in the world basically, and said, I have no money I have nowhere to live, help me please. What would I get?


Possibly a first class ticket home!  Make that second class.

Why is it that the world and its wife comes here to MY/OUR country and gets the damn lot. House with garden, mobile phones, money, furniture, possibly a car, Benefits to live on, a FREE BUS PASS, you name it, they get it. Do not tell me they don't all get it, cos all I will say is,  show me one of them who doesn't.

In this town you see them all roaming around, buying this and that, sitting in coffee shops - which are not cheap places - hour after hour, not looking for work.
I have even heard them telling each other how to cheat the system.

WHEN did they pay their Taxes and National Insurance to get all these things?

WHEN and WHERE is that person who said yes come here and you can have it all?

WHY are we not looking after our own?

I have never been a racist, I have friends of many different races, I have lived with people from many different countries, yes they were lovely people. My girls were brought up to respect others, where ever they came from. As is my Grand daughter now.

I am talking of the people who come her to MY/OUR country and just sponge. Day after day, month after month, year after year, over they come in their droves, playing the system, getting it all, giving NOTHING back.


We are a small country a comparatively small island, for goodness sake, where are all these people going to go in the future. Why oh why don't they go home to their own countries. WHY are we still letting so many in here. WHY you are asking,  am I ranting?

Because of the way my daughter has been treated,  pure and simple. She has followed the rules and look where it has got her!

Does anyone remember Enoch Powell? I do. Maybe, just maybe,  he was right.

I am of the age where SS meant something really nasty from way back.    Nothing changes!

I look at people where my daughter lives, they are NOT all foreign, to my shame - some are Brits, they are playing the system. It makes me so mad.

 I have to go back to these SS people on Friday for my daughter, to take her wages slips, the claws are not out of her yet apparently.  I am going to inform them of these people who are playing the system. I am sick of it. Totally sick of it.

They get everything.
My daughter gets 23p

I have calmed down since coming out of that office, just as well I didn't come on here straight away I can tell you.
You will have to excuse me now I have to print this out and address an envelope to 10 Downing Street.

I know, fat lot of good that will do me, but I just have to do it. I also have to go and apologise to my neighbours at the top of our street, they got the FULL FORCE of my anger when I got back from town.

I will be looking after my Grand daughter whilst her mum is it work - they offer money if she sends her to a Child Minder!!! The mind boggles doesn't it? Would YOU trust one of those these days? No I thought not. She will come to me and be taught as her mum and aunty were of what is right and wrong.

If I have offended you by any of this, put yourself in my position. I am a Mother who is very proud of her girls who both WORK and always have, they have never cheated, stolen, or done anything nasty to anyone. How many of these people coming in can say that!  Think on Britain, think on.


Pat said...

There is a lot of that going on in our country, too.......hardworking natives of the country get little to no assistance even though it is really needed. BUT....the ones who come here and cheat the system seem never to be caught and keep on doing it. Something isn't right...that's for sure. My heart goes out to your daughter in this situation.

Di said...

I totally understand. You know how hard it has been for A and his wife J. It has cost them a small fortune to get to where they are now. She finally got to sit her citizenshiop test (she probably knows more about our country than some of the lazy 'people' who originate from this country and sit on their bottoms dreaming up more ways of how they can get money out of the system)! J sent off her papers months ago. Has she got her ID card yet? Has she heck. Are they getting Child Benefit yet? Are they heck. Is Andy getting any Tax Credit for Dan? Is he heck. These are two people who fell in love and because she comes from a foreign country and they have done things by the book they have been penalised. If Jenny had come into this country illegally they would be sitting pretty now! To make it even more galling A is in our Armed Frioces and is going to Afghanistan early next year. You know how I feel about this so I can totally empathise with how you feel about A's situation.

Rosa-Munda said...

Jan, that is awful, and our politicians wonder why voters are turning to the extremist parties! Ros

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel, Jan. Last year, DH was out of work and it took ages to get any benefits we were entitled to through years of contributions. We have a mortgage so got no help for housing and faced losing our home. At his interview, DH was asked why I don't work outside the home - we had a 4 yr old at the time. The reply was that I should put her in nursery and they would pay most of the fees. So I'd be working to give someone else a job and not see my daughter....I didn't have my children to palm off on someone else. Now we are trying to move and finding it hard to find a mortgage. Should we sell up, move into rented accomodation and blow the profits so that next time we need help, we'll get it? I saw the stuff this week about changes to lone parents benefits and was horrified - 10 annd 11 year olds still need their parents. Every sympathy to NN.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,

I fully understand your anger. A friend of mine used to work with Immigration/Customs in Canada and for every single refugee that crossed into Canada from the U.S. and claimed to be a refugee instantly got $50,000 worth of home, clothing, allowances etc....utter stupidity. And the people of Canada are in the same situation as here...when you need help you have to prove that you were born first before they consider you human.

I'll stop now before I have a mad moment.


searchfamilies said...

Hi Janet
I can relate to this as it happen a few times to my DD she just started to work full time & has the help of her brothers & the eldest one who now 15
It not the people who come here that get everything i blame it the government for not making it a level playing field, they make it so hard for people to who want to work, & tax people who have paid in on retirement even with them paying tax when they earned the money they tax it again
I just don't get started on the system as i get so mad, one thing my DD did get was an advisor who this time & for the last year would printout expected things as like your DD one time she was told she get something a week so it was worth her working then it turned out no it was the money & she couldn't afford to work all i would say is get an advisor & any info get in writing then you have grounds not only for complaint but compensation when they much up it take over a year for the CSA to do the money they kept saying that they had no record of her putting it in ect but she had recorded it so could prove it so now that it was sorted she did get some compensation so a small victory for her
Hugs Janice

maggi said...

I can totally relate to this Jan. I will say no more than that or I will never get off the computer. Maggi

Kim said...

It is always more painful to have to
watch our children being mistreated
than to have to endure it for ourselves. Yes, here in the states the illegals get free health insurance and my daughter who works can not afford to buy it and is not eligible to get it for free like they do. She has to share an apt. with 2 other girls to make ends meet but they get free housing and are not even citizens!

It's not right! I'm tired of paying for them too!

Elaine said...

Jan - I can completely understand how you feel. It is exactly the same situation here in Canada too.
A so-called 'refugee' to Canada can get over twice as much pension as a natural born Canadian, who has worked his/her whole life and has paid in full into the pension system during that time. This is on top of all the other freebies they are handed when they arrive here. It's truly disgusting!
More people like us should let our thoughts be known.

Elaine in Canada