Saturday, 3 October 2009


Absolutely horrid day Thursday and today - Friday - hasn't been much better. To say I am totally fed up is putting it fairly mildly. I think I have finally got through to hubby how I feel about this machine. It is getting me down. Thursday was spent unpicking work and screaming at it. In 1/2" sewing the thread snapped three times. I tell you if I had had a hammer near, it would have been put to good use. A row ensued. Very unpleasant. This was like rubbing salt in an open wound.
Friday - still very upset. My head hurts so much from yesterday. Annette has taken the machine away to compare it to her Janome. She rang me and said the thread was breaking for her too. Now it has gone from the house, I feel I don't really want it back. I feel so tired. People keep saying to me that I 'will get used to it' Sorry, but I really do not want to. I know I tense up when I go to use it as I am now expecting it to mess me about. I want so desperately to do my quilting, but not with this thing. It is truly making me ill. I feel I have wasted my money, and hubby's too, on all the bits he has bought for the darn thing, let alone the cost of the extended warranty. I guess if I smash it up the warranty will be null and void. He said he will take it in to the shop - when he finds time - I know he will, but to tell the truth, I cannot be bothered with it anymore. I surely cannot be the only person to have all these problems. Then again, maybe I can!
I know you will feel I am being overly upset about this but all I want to do is Quilt or sew, it is after all what I consider myself to be. I am being deprived of my hobby. It is making me miserable and ill. I am losing faith in everything I try to do now, I just feel it is all going to go wrong. I don't want to talk to anyone either, cos all people say is things like,
you will laugh at this in a months time ---don't think so;
oh it will be OK when its been fixed ---will never trust it to behave;
don't be so silly---you try using the blasted thing then;
no one else has these problems---no cos I have them all;
you get what you pay for---it was all I could afford;
you shouldn't compare it with the Bernina---that's a joke there is no comparison;
Bitter? Yes
Angry? Yes
Upset? Definitely
Do I feel better for putting all this down? Not really, I still want to smash it up.
I have tried so hard with this machine, I truly have, I have persevered to the point of madness I would say. I cannot cope with it any longer, enough is enough.
Would I recommend Janome to anyone? What do you think!
On a good note. I had my yearly review at the Doctor's today. I passed 100%
Mind you, I now have to start going twice a year! Odd that seeing as I passed. Oh well.


Reflections of life and art said...

Good grief my friend.....I can't believe that darn machine is still not working....truly it's not the user but the machine...I'd be furious go ahead a let off steam as much as you like....I wish I lived closer...I'd trade machines with could have my Bernina...I know you would put it to good use!!
Oh BTW...I have some pics to post on my blog of a certain package I received last week while I was on blew B and I away!
Love and Big Hugz.....your friend in California!!

jan said...

Hi Noel, It is truly a nightmare. I am so fed up you would not believe it. Feel like giving it all up, losing heart with it all just now.
Glad the package arrived, was getting worried, but didnt want to ask you as it was a surprise for you. lol Jan xx

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

oh Jan, I'm so sorry. check out my friends blog, she has had Janome problems similar to yours.

Pat said...

Which model do you have? I have the 4900QC and it started acting up after a few months....they gave me a NEW one and THAT acted up in a few months. They kept acting like it was ME....but I knew better. I wrote to the CEO of Janome and he got some heads rolling. I am getting another model from them.....the 5200...a fairly new model...and I sure hope it's better than the 4900QC. I have heard from some dealers that the 4900 had some design flaws and Janome didn't really let that be I'm wondering if that is what you have. I used to tense up, too, as I was alwayw worried was it going to mess up when I started to sew on something. I feel really bad for I have been there with Janome. I'd rather have gotten my money back and gone with another brand, but they wouldn't do I must hope the new model they are giving me will work better. (I have a friend with another Janome that has broken TWICE now in less than 2 months.) Janome better get concerned as word passes quickly via the internet and people don't want to buy their products!!!

maggi said...

So sorry to hear that the machine is still playing up. Looking at what Pat says it is quite clear that there is a problem and Janome should sort it out for you or refund your money. There is no way they can lay the blame at their door, especially with all the wonderful projects/stitching you have done in the past. Channel your anger into getting them to do something about it.

searchfamilies said...

Hi Janet
What may seem silly to others can be a mountain to someone else so i can relate to you.
If i was to give any advice is that i would get on to trading standards & find out what is your rights as if you buy something it has to be FIT FOR PURPOSE well clearly yours is not so you should get a full refund for the machine & warranty okay you may or may not get the extras back but then sell them on ebay or something to at least get some of your money back.
I had a machine from somewhere & when i got it it didn't work & i struggle so i sent it back & they didn't wish to give me a full refund so i got on to the credit card company & got them to deal with it & yes i got a full refund even if i have cash i still buy things on my card just for that protection.
Glad you passed your check-up may be it a age thing as to why you have to now go twice a year.
I hope that you feel better soon you know you can phone me
Hugs Janice

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your machine, Jan. Ask for your money back.
Wouldn't have a Janome given me. My students had more problems with Janome when doing workshops for machine applique than any other make. Can't beat a Bernina. If your husband has fixed it I'd use it till it falls apart. I have 2 Berninas - a 25 year old 1015 mechanical which is my workhorse on which I pieced/appliqued/machine quilted the Singing Garden and a second hand 18 year old 1230 machine for which I was offered £100 by Bambers of Manchester a few weeks ago. They can get lost. I advise students to buy second hand Berninas if at all possible- usually pay around £250 for a decent one.
Not doing any sewing at moment. Good luck.
Babs xx

~Phyllis~ said...

Hi Jan,
I am truly sorry that you are having such problems with your machine. I don't blame you one little bit for being angry. I would be to. You pay good money for a good machine and you deserve to get a machine that works properly. I think they should refund your money.