Tuesday, 6 October 2009


When I was having a clear out the other day, I came across this piece of Candlewicking. As you can see it is unfinished. I did this, ohh lets just say many years ago. It was marked quite badly so I chucked it in the washing machine, crossed my fingers, and it came out clean but a bit creased!! Oh well!! Thing is, what do I do with it now, and I don't mean about pressing it, no way am I going to attempt that, think I will wreck it. I kind of like it, but I don't want it, so, what do I do with it? Any ideas?

Close up for you



Vesuviusmama said...

Very cool! But what exactly is candlewicking?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you stretch it while damp then steam it?

Connie G. Barwick said...

Try pressing it from the back - on top of a clean, fluffy, white towel. It might just do the trick!