Thursday, 5 June 2008


Remember this?
My Mum's old sink which I have planted up, I wanted KR to take note as she is always telling me of the 'finds' she has, and I wanted her to see I also had a 'great ' find in this.

And this is what I did .... I copied the design as near as I could, and sewed with my machine to make a bag, which is really the sink, you cannot see it, but it does even have a plug!!You can see here that it is a back-pack style bag....I made it for a competition in a magazine...didn't win!!! Story of my life... anyway.....

This is the top of the bag, if you had it filled and done up, this is what you would see when it is on your back....
This is the inside, I had fun with a little bit of poetry - now I am not a poet so don't expect wonders!!
A bit more...
last bit... inside the bag which is the inside of the sink if you think about it, there are pockets for rulers, notebooks, rotary cutters, pencils cutting mat, and even I think..a mobile phone!
See...just like that... I had great fun making this bag, the fabrics had to be chosen from a range and they were all plain, so I just had to liven them up a bit. It unfortunately turned out rather large. Hubby says if it is filled with everything and a quilt too, you would know it is on your back. Maybe that is why it didn't win anything!! Hee hee. I have never used it, so have decided to send it to someone. Not gonna say who, not gonna give them a chance to refuse it. Ha ha ha ha;
aren't I wicked?


Noel said...

How cool is that.....too bad you didn't win....I think it's a winner for sure!
You always do the neatest things and I can see the design from the sink on there too...great poem!

jan said...

Hi Noel I have just put a better picture of the sink on so you can see I tried really hard to capture the design. Had fun with the poem too, hubby is always saying I take everything but the kitchen sink where ever I go.