Monday, 2 June 2008


Went for an eye test today - at last KR I did it - apparently I need new glasses, isn't it strange, you plod along quite merrily with your life and bam, hey lady you cant see you know.
And I couldn't, it was so funny. I have to tell you I hate having my eyes tested, I get panicky about it, I don't know why, I really don't, but this time hubby made the appointment so I had no time to dwell on it or worry about it.
He had to go as well.
My Optician was a young girl from Ireland, she was lovely. I explained I hated having these tests done, and she was just so good about it. Took her time and I understood everything, which I don't normally.
Anyway the upshot is, I need new glasses, she is not sure how I have been managing to sew with the ones I was wearing!! Maybe that is why some of my seams have been a bit wonky just lately!! Who knows.
I paid for them, ooh OUCH that hurt!!
I can collect them on the 11th. Kath, my friend here will be pleased to know I have stuck with mine and her fave colour. Old ones were purple, these new ones, lilac.
Hubby had to have new ones too!
Expensive day for us.


Noel said...

Jan, your new glasses sounds rich looking. My computer glasses are purple! I need new ones so bad myself...I usually remove mine when I'm sewing to see anyways.

jan said...

I hope I get on with them ok when I get them. I don't envisage any problems but you never know do you. Maybe I ought to do J's quilt before I get them...wont see the dodgy seams etc. heehee only joking!