Friday, 6 June 2008


Well here, at long last, is my finished 'Mini Quilt' for the 'Pizzazz exchange'. We are all to post a picture of our finished quilts on the site and then Allison is to jumble them all up and we send to the partner she has chosen for us, and we will get one in exchange. I have seen the others, well some of them, they aren't all finished yet, and they are all great. So it is quite exciting really.

This is how it started out. I changed my mind about the flowers and stuck with the paler ones, thought the dark ones too heavy for the background. It is all made in sari silks, background, flowers and leaves. The piece of card on top is for me to see the size it should be, which is 10" finished..more about that later!!!! For those of you interested in this sort of thing, and I always am - this is the back.Here it is, finished. I am really pleased with it, I hope the recipient will like it too. I have to own up now though, it measures 10" and a smidgeon, hope that will be accepted.A close up of a corner for you to see the stitching and bead work.So why have I said No More Apologies? Well, you will realise by now I do ALL my sewing by machine, I am forever apologising for this. I am unable to sew by hand any more for any length of time, due to RSI and oncoming arthritis. I do realise not everyone likes machine work and so I am always saying the above and explaining etc etc etc, well as of today......I have decided I will apologise no more for doing everything by machine. It is what I do.

I am a Quilter, a Machine Quilter.


Di said...

No apologies needed. Your machine work is superb and if people don't like it they must be 2 slices short of a loaf!!!

jan said...

Hi Di, I just love the expressions you use, they do make me laugh, I wish I could remember them all, the old brain cells are getting definitely grey.
Thanks for the compliment.

Noel said... more apologies!!!!!
Jan, your work is gorgeous....never, never apologize for beauty!!!
I love the silk background!!!!

jan said...

Hi Noel, I bought, years ago, lots and lots of sari silks, this is made with those. They do shine. I love them.