Sunday, 22 June 2008


Hmm. You will have noticed a BIG GAP in these posts, date wise. My jolly computer decided to go wrong on me--again--.

These are the photos of J's quilt as promised a few messages back, if you click on the piks you will see what they are about. It looks as though I have put one of them on twice, I am not going to delete it cos I did that once before and lost the lot. DOH!
It is coming together quite nicely now...
I decided to only double border the picture of the 4 main characters in this Quilt, J J P & A. Also in the picture of my machine, you will see a picture with no border, it is sitting there for me to get some inspiration as to what to border it with...........all the fabrics seem too heavy for this little toddler picture.


Di said...

A truly memorable quilt. After seeing it 'in the flesh' so to speak you have done a remarkable job. You should be very proud and I know J's parents are completely overwhelmed by it!! Well done my friend.

jan said...

Thanks for that Di, I still have a few pics to put up so you will be able to see the quilt truly finished.