Sunday, 8 June 2008


Found out today from GD, all about Pheneas and Ferb!!

There is apparently a link with HSM and them. Well how was I, an old Nana to know these things.
I know now don't I. It's Sharpay's voice for one of them. Not sure if that is how you spell her name, assuming that is a she!! I ought to know, we have HSM morning noon and night!!!!!!!

I have to say I am not really taken that much with HSM. Oops probably started a war now with all the little darlings, Sorry girlie's, I think there are better films. A bit sloppy I thought. Now FAME was good, the television series we had here, OH, years ago now of course, was excellent, I loved that. The film of the same name though, hmmmm not so good! Just my opinion you understand. I loved the music and dancing in them. I can still to this day conjure up Leroy dancing with the Mannequins. That was a brilliant sequence, very clever.

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