Wednesday, 4 June 2008


This evening J's mum came up with the new, freshly printed photo's and this time they are perfect. She has made a few alterations to them, one photo is being removed, the one of Mickey Mouse - good I didn't really like that one - another is going in its place. Also some have been enlarged ever so slightly bigger, will not be a problem. So it looks like its full steam ahead now for me to 'crack-on' with this quilt.

While she was here I let her loose on my embellishment boxes and button box and lace box, she has chosen the ones she would like me to incorporate on the Quilt. Such faith and trust she has in me!!

Here is what needs to be done to complete the 25th June...this year!!!! :-)

1. Frame photos and press
2. Attach these to quilt base
3. Press well, it looks a bit naff at mo
4. Attach Borders and cornerstones then press again
5. Attach messages with lace edges where thought appropriate, press carefully
6. Give another press, this will be the last one
7. Sandwich up ready to quilt, that's top, wadding and backing
8. Quilt at will, - Quilt will tell me how to do it,
9. Bind the Quilt - with what? Not sure at mo
10. Sew buttons on--they have been requested
11. Attach sleeve, this has been requested also
12. Attach label-- or leave for mum and dad to do!! hmm good idea
13. Check all over Quilt for loose ends, there are always a few stray ones
14. Present to Mum and Dad - job done.
15. Sit back and smile.

So there we have it, not a lot to do eh?
A doddle!!


Noel said...

I know you will be exicted when you reach #15....hehehe! Good luck with 1-14...hehehe!

jan said...

I really must get started on it 25th will be here before I know it.