Thursday, 12 June 2008


Well, after wearing said glasses yesterday [Wednesday] for a good while, I developed a really bad headache, so removed them. Today I tried them again, but no good, there is something wrong. Sooooooooo.
Went back to opticians with them and they are going to do a re-test on my eyes and want me to see the specialist chappie. Hope nothing is wrong!! I just think they may have put the wrong lenses in or something stupid like that. We shall see. I am back with my old glasses for now. Much better.

I had some bad luck on one of my swap sites last night, my photos got all messed up and have been posted on the Home page, I tried to remove them but no good. I haven't a clue why it happened, feel really bad about it as they must be sick of looking at my name!!!! Just glad it wasn't all my work that was posted, would be truly embarrassed about that.

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