Sunday, 22 June 2008


Annette came up this morning before she went to work and pinned the Quilt up for me ready to be quilted. I still haven't really decided how to quilt it yet, it will tell me how when it is under the machine....
Aha, I see now...
The first thing I have to do is 'anchor' all those pictures down. So I am free machining all round each one, first round the inside of the frame, then to complete it, round the outside of the frame. The special double frame picture obviously has this done twice, round each frame.
PHEW! A LOT of pictures, that will do for this evening, this is one heavy quilt.

Finished off the straight stitching round all the frames. Hooray now for some fancy quilting. The quilt has told me what to do. Oh yes, they talk to me you know. It decided to have Vermicelli quilting with a few hearts thrown in as well. Well you see this is a much loved girl this is going to so there has to be hearts on it. Music on, Robbie of course, and away I go, singing at the top of my voice, window open, who cares, I love quilting with Robbie.
Centre done. Yessss!

Oh the sides now. Hmmm what to do? No, not today, they are not talking to me. Do the bottom border instead because I know EXACTLY what is going there. Angels. Oh how appropriate..think Robbie!!!! I learnt something about Angels whilst making this Quilt, there are good and bad Angels, I didn't know that. I was hoping the Angel I had chosen was a good one. I think she looks nice. Why Angels? Aha, J collects them, oh and she loves Mickey Mouse too!!! Strange combination there huh? Anyway the Angels are going on, Very plain just the outline then zigzagged for definition, I am also giving them a golden halo each, they are kind of floating up and down along the bottom edge cos they float on clouds don't they? I have to remember to leave a gap too for that last toddler photo.
Done. The Angels that is.
The side borders spoke up, jealous of the Angels I guess hee hee. On looking at these wonderful messages from everyone, it is very clear J is loved very dearly, so, I am going to quilt a kind of vine up through the side messages with yet more hearts and a flower or two thrown in for good measure. I can see it quite clearly in my minds eye so I am going to go for it. Free machining of course. Hmmm I think this time it will have to be Ricky. Oh yes..she bangs she bangs, or she quilts, she quilts. If ever J reads this she will think I am crazy.
She'll be right.

Gosh I don't know why but I have decided I am going to get this done for Saturday. A & P are coming along to my group for the Showtime as they are bit busy organising a party!! Thought I could surprise them with it.
So, crack on. The side quilting looks pretty good even if I do say so myself. Now for the top. Well, how easy was that to decide on. A kind of stylized Tree of Life, either side of A & P's message for J. The branches careering off with hearts once again suspended for all the love being sent to J. Oh I am enjoying this Quilt. I do so love the FMQ and I have gone to town with this.
Right, I decided what to border the toddler picture with. Lace! it looks soooo cute. It is the only picture with lace and it is going to go at the bottom in the gap I left with the Angels. I thought you see that she looks Angelic - I bet she wasn't really. Only kidding! I am not going to stitch this one on until the whole quilt is totally finished. Because I have to turn it so many times, the lace could get ripped and I really do not want that to happen thank you very much.
Wahey. My computer is fixed.
There is an email from A telling me what order to put the messages on the Quilt. oops, too late me dear they are on. Hang on though, she has got 11 messages and I only ever had 10. Ohhh dear. Looks like Auntie Mandi message has gone walk about. I have turned everything out and I just don't have it, will email A.
No reply. Blow! Found phone number, rang her home. Who answers but J. Gulp!

Oh Hi, is A there please?
No I'm afraid she's not can I take a message?
Erm. No its OK, will she be back soon?
She is in Brighton wont be back til late.
Buga! Oh, OK thanks, erm, is P there.
Can I say who is calling?
Erm! Janet
Right.........DA-a-ad someone called Janet for you
Hi Janet P here
OMG was that J
Right just answer yes or no do you have auntie ms message
yes i can send it by email to you

Gosh that was close, I do hope she hasn't clocked anything or even thought her dad is having an affair, what a laugh!! NOT

So I get the email, cant open it. Damn. Have to get in touch in morning. Too late now.

Right, rang P told him couldn't see message, he re-sends the message in another form and I manage to open it. Yesss. This all looks so silly now in retrospect, but oh was I worried at the time. You can, I am sure imagine!!
So, all I have to do now is print out Auntie M's message and get it on the quilt.
The only space I had left was to be for the toddler picture. ARGH!!!! Rethink, have a cup of tea, keep calm. ARGH!!!!!!!
OK. Auntie M will go where toddler should have gone, Toddler will go a little higher, no worries. ?!?
Blue cloud over my house at the moment..heehee
Right, message transferred to fabric, pressed, stitched on quilt.
Binding; luckily, I had thought ahead on this and cut the strips a few days ago, I used 2 1/4" strips of all the different fabrics used in the main part of the quilt for this, joined and pressed them ready for the long boring process of binding. Whilst stitching on the binding I attached the 'sleeve' as I went along. There was no fabric big enough for the sleeve, what a good thing I have a good stash of fabric it has cone in handy in the making of this quilt. I managed to find some that 'went' with the quilt for the sleeve. Anyway, binding got done, then I stitched on the toddler picture. All I have to do now is hand stitch the sleeve down and it is FINISHED.
At precisely 10.40pm I put the last stitch on this quilt.
I hope J likes it.
Pete has taken some piks with his superdooper camera, I have taken some with my digi one which I will put on here. But it is nice to have back up of really good piks.

Today is my 39th wedding anniversary by the way.
The Quilt is wrapped in a big white cloth. I am off to my group for the day and I will be showing this at Showtime. A & P are coming along for that. They don't know the quilt is done. I hope they will like it.

OMG we had tears. Lots of them. At first I was concerned they were because she didn't like it. But all is well. They both like the Quilt. Three of the ladies at my group also were quite overcome with all the emotion and nearly cried themselves. OMG. Happy days. My Annette has taken to calling this the 'Blubber Quilt' hee hee.

Happy Birthday for Wednesday J hope you like your prezzy.


Pictures in next message.

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