Monday, 2 June 2008


Chocolate and Beyond swap with PIZZAZZ girls... I really enjoyed making this!! as I am on a Diet!!!!!!
These are QTC's going to a different group NOT PIZZAZZ, even though the swap is the same, well nearly the same, this is I Love Red, the other is - RED.

Here are all the chocolates, they are ever so slightly different, the bracelets are different on each wrist. Just to make it fun!! hope they all like them. Why the feather?? Aha, because I am on a Diet, these chocolates are 'as light as a feather'!! Wishful thinking never hurt no-one!! So I've been told!


Noel said...

Janet, your work just blows my mind. What you can do with fabric, thread and a sewing machine is amazing. Your chocolate cards are gorgeous!
One day I hope to be as good as you!

jan said...

You are good Noel, have you seen your Blog lately. Remember I have some of your work here, so stop putting yourself down, you are just like my friend Di.
I had bought some ribbon that had the chocolates on and everything fell into place from there.