Friday, 27 June 2008


Well now, these are the cards being posted tomorrow by my daughter for me.
The first picture is Rapunzel in her castle, she is having a 'bad hair day'----blame the muse!!
The next one is Phineas and Ferb ?? for Sarah, sorry it's late Sarah----
Then we have two cards for the OLD SONG swap I am in at Pizzazz, these are depicting the put your right foot in----
Then there are 4 flower cards, I cant actually remember which ones are going so I put them all there for you to see----
Lastly, hmmm, a little worried now about these. They are for an Independence Day swap. I may have misunderstood the swap, but was told it was about Freedom and such, I found this great picture of the Liberty Bell and opted to do that. I really hope no one is offended by it. I was advised to cover the picture before I posted it. OH DEAR! I did the bell because when I was searching for something to do for this swap, I discovered the Bell was originally cast here in Great Britain, so I felt a sort of link with it. Time will tell if I got this one right!!
The Orange cards are going out tomorrow too, but I didn't want to put piks of them again and bore you all.


Noel said...

Your postcards are lovely as usual and I'm a proud owner of one of the Liberty's my favorite 4th swap card for sure!!

jan said...

Thank you ma'am.