Thursday, 5 June 2008


I found these this morning in the garden, I was doing a bit of weeding and these were tucked under the Bluebells. They fascinated me and I had to scan them in the computer. They are the skeleton leaves and flowers of a Campanula plant I have. Aren't they beautiful. When the plant flowers this year I will post a picture of it so you can compare them.

These are being posted - they are for the 1 to 1 swaps I am in with, I cant remember which one is going to whom, sorry! Bit of my thread painting - by machine of course!! I hope the recipients will enjoy them as much as I did making them.


Noel said...

Lucky ladies who are going to ge these lovely fpc's. You were going to tell me how to get the sides as neatly on my cards as you do on! Mine look all frayed and I stitch around them three times....they still look a mess.
Oh you can use those leaves on your cards too....they can be painted and/or dyed and sprayed with a sealer and stitched on your cards....lucky you they cost a lot in the stores to buy and you got them free...can't beat that!

jan said...

Thanks for comment Noel, whoops, after I scanned them they disappeared, hubby put them in the bin!!!
I promise I will sort your edges out.